Sunday, September 2, 2018

About Town

This week's photos from around Columbia...

 The mural at Eastern Drillers along Front Street is shaping up.

 Teamwork - 
It looks as if the artwork will be illuminated.

 Talking it over.

Portrait of the artist taking a photo of his art - 
Cesar Viveros is the artist. The backstory of the mural is HERE.
More on Columbia's murals is HERE and further down on this page.


All cats are possessed by the devil.
Anyone who has ever owned one knows this to be true.

Fortunately, a heavenly light shines eternally over our humble hamlet to ward off all evil.

Junior stockbroker?

 Columbia and Wrightsville

 Datestone on the 500 block of Locust

And another one at the old chip factory

 "Runnin' from the risin' heat to find a place to hide."
(At 5th and Locust)

 A reminder

 Staring through a snooted-up window of his own making

 Sprucing up at CBFD

 Don't go there.

 Rolling along

 Setting up a traffic counter?


The highway department has been busy of late. More lights are being installed at Locust Street Park.

 Here's a base-to-be.

 Several are being installed along the walkway.

 Meanwhile on Ironville Pike

The highway department is digging the driveway.


 Men at work at 5th and Walnut


 No, it's not a photo from World War II. It's the 500 block of Walnut (looking west).

This is a view from the other end.

Kids find the trench an intriguing place to play.

No worries here


 Norwood, former home of Columbia artist and poet Lloyd Mifflin

 Here's one of the fence "pillars."

And a close-up of an embedded medallion. The engraving looks to be in Latin. "Sculpsit" is sometimes used in conjunction with a stone carver's or engraver's name.

 "NORWOOD" is carved into the stone.

 Another view of Norwood


And another


 The steps at Columbia Crossing were recently recoated.


 Looks like the sidewalk was done, too.

Columbia Crossing was at one time projected to be a "maintenance-free" building.


 Murals? We got 'em. Here's another one (or several) inside the laundromat at 6th and Walnut.

Done by Columbia artist Mark Kise in 2006. He also painted the portrait of Lloyd Mifflin on the back wall of the Foresters, next to the Columbia Historic Preservation Society.


 Roman arches, finite regression

 Definitely looks portable.

 Beating the heat

The Columbia Plaza parking lot appears to have sprung another leak.


New codes trucks. Supposedly, trucks were preferred over cars so that items could be hauled when necessary.

 But the bed of each truck is clean as a hound's tooth, if you don't count a stray leaf or two.

Must not have been much to haul.

There's a couple of codes guys now.


 Reach out and touch someone.

 No parking along the yellow line!

  A historic building going to crap?

Poor choice of parking - right along the highway, at the corner of 5th and Chestnut

Still there
(See the previous two weeks' installments of "About Town.")

Pipeline workers milkin' it. The boss must not be around.


 Friday's heavy rains caused road closures, which caused traffic headaches. The driver in the black car shown above laid on his horn for 10-15 seconds straight and then kept beeping it until he was able to edge his way into traffic.

 Here's what it looked like just off 11th and Ridge on Friday afternoon.

 Down at 2nd and Chestnut, traffic was tied up in several directions due to closure of the westbound lanes of the the Route 30 (Wrights Ferry) Bridge and the Veterans Memorial Bridge.

 Traffic was backed up on Chestnut Street from 2nd Street to 6th Street

 5th and Chestnut

Near the entrance to the Veterans Memorial Bridge, with westbound lane closed.

 This submitted photo and the one below show a retention basin along Cloverton Drive, after Friday's rain (above) and before (below).


Here are two submitted photos (above and below) from another reader showing a vehicle being worked on at the new Commerce Street parking lot. Borough ordinance says working on cars on a public street is illegal. But is a parking lot a street? The mystery remains.


Another reader submitted the following photos of old Columbia...

 The former Hotel Bitner at 4th and Walnut in 1934

 Former building at 4th and Chestnut
There's a garage there now.

 Bank's Bros. 5 & 10¢ Department Store at Market Street and Locust

 The Opera House at 3rd and Locust in 1913

 Woolworth's Sore, early 1900s, which later became the Masonic Center and is

 Harry Zeamer's Drugs & Desher Brothers Store, 200 block of Locust Street

 3rd and Locust (looking west), 1888

 Steamboat Helen on the Susquehanna River

 Old Home Week, Locust Street (looking east), 1913

Zeamer's Drug Store
Second floor - Moose Home

Another reader submitted this photo of one of several bridges that spanned the Susquehanna from Columbia to Wrightsville - 
The caption reads: "Columbia Pa.  Bridge destroyed by Cyclone Sept. 29, 1896."

And since red means STOP, this is the end of this week's "About Town."


Anonymous said...

The hidden mural behind the Foresters is the best one of all. It appears to be painted directly on the bricks, as true murals should be. Otherwise, it's just an elaborate billboard.

Anonymous said...

How does the powers at the money pit explain more tax money on the steps that were sealed ($2000) early this summer. Money pit seams to be the right term for the river park.

Anonymous said...

Columbia didn't do much for the money they got for the basin on Cloverton drive , maybe they used it at the money pit.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics of the past. Wish it still looked like that

Anonymous said...

Doesn,t the sun bather know that there was millions of gallons of raw sewage released up stream.

Anonymous said...

If you're poor and can't afford a grage to work in for your cars basic needs, go be poor else where!

Or people need to just mind there business and stop worrying so much about what others are doing.

By the way, that's not my car but people in this town want to bitch about such tribal things on we have bought issues, and they are taxes, and a board that sounds money like a teenager. Wants are not needs. Why did the side walks on Walnut, the damn road is so bad it ruins cars in one pass.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Please proof read or go be stupid elsewhere!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I wonder if those kids offered the workers any pizza or soda

Anonymous said...

At times last week you could see whole poops floating down the river, why wasn't this in the news, people can get very sick, how can a company manage a river park and NoT tell what it knows, this is danagerous and Columbia officals did NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

If this is true someone should be notified!! NOT SAFE AT ALL!!!

Anonymous said...

Cole, did they fix the typo on the mural? Bicycle???

Joe Lintner said...


Anonymous said...

People who complain on here should come fill the council room. The other month it was almost standing room only.

Anonymous said...

was in lnp and on wgal 8

Anonymous said...

Kind of embarrassing!

Anonymous said...

And what good did tbat do did they listen to you no because they never listen to the people they all ready have their minds made up before they get to the meeting all done behind closed doors

Anonymous said...

if you do not like people complaining here you should not read what they say

Anonymous said...

this is a very good place for people to complain

Anonymous said...

The mural is not free, someone is paying for the the tune of $40,000. Those "in charge" of Columbia cannot and will not see any such flaw. Those that do admit seeing the error are just being negative. "Sorry" seems to be working very well for most errors in Columbia, so perhaps the mural artists should give that a go.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, they are just going to leave it like that! It is glaring. My fourth grade niece noticed it immediately.