Sunday, April 22, 2018

About Town

Photos from around Columbia over the past week...

 Young love

 Out for a walk

 A truck . . . on a truck

 There's somethin' happening here. What it is ain't exactly clear.

Don't do this.

Whose turn is it?


 Slow down for kids running down this pole.

 Some sort of ingenious Budweiser can contraption on an overhead wire

 High school students helped the Park Rangers clean up River Park Saturday morning.

 They were armed with shovels, rakes, brooms, and determination.

 There was lots of sweeping to do.

 All areas of the park were covered.

 Concrete parking blocks will be installed at the parking area along Heritage Drive.

 Rain gardens will be added here.

Further down on Heritage Drive - an egg-stra special fence?

 Work is being done at the cottage area.

 Norfolk Southern recently paved this area at the bottom of Union Street. The road leads to Columbia's other public boat ramp.

 Water heaters and rubble - from the recently demo-ed property at Locust Street and Bank Avenue

 This hole in the ground is what remains.

 But new construction is going on here.

 Proper building materials assure a healthy structure.

Of course, some builders prefer style over substance.

 Brick work continues at the bridge plaza.

 A dedication will be held here on May 26.

 Probably true

Fixing the Foresters sign

TV's and such at 208-210 Locust

 Quick ticket time?

Unloading mattresses at the furniture store

 But what's that on the truck?

 Parking tickets from an agent of the business-unfriendly borough

 Are we grate again yet?

 These things are lifting, just as Ollie said they would.

 And they've become a catch-all for all sorts of debris, especially cigarette butts.

Yep, definitely lifting

 The former Sudstown Laundry, a piece of Columbia history

 Remi and Zan down by the river. Remi (left) is the father of Zan, who is 10 months old, according to their owner. They are Italian Mastiffs.

Troop 35 on the move, with lots of sponsors

 And here's E-town's Troop #1 visiting Columbia River Park.

There they go, off to the trail!

An oldie but goodie

Another oldie but goodie

 Still another oldie but goodie

 Yet another oldie but goodie

 Not a Keeley, but an antique nonetheless
(Tollbooth Antiques)

 Also at Tollbooth, an old-timey toboggan, complete with bell

 Cherry blossoms blooming

 Out on a limb

 The cat was stalking a squirrel seen here upper right.

 Giving a paw

 Cherry blossoms down by the Wrights Ferry Mansion

 Lots going on at Our Home of Hope

 Was someone snapping off these limbs?

 This is why we can't have nice things.

 A dark demon watches over Columbia. Or is it one of the Wicked Witch's flying monkeys?

Columbia Borough 42.7% renter occupied

 Bird-topped porch lamp

 More stars and strips

 This sign is well over 50 years old.

 Garden plots at 4th & Mill

 Rusting away, but aren't we all?

 Down at Trinity House - It was reported that an intoxicated person kicked out this window Friday night.

 Cracked and nearly faceless sign

 You don't see many of these nowadays. Is it an antenna or modern art?

 At Makle Park, a backboard was broken out again and taken down. Another one will cost about $900.

 The borough installed new brighter lights there.

More vandalism at Makle?
Better get this fixed before Friday's Arbor Day celebration.

 Bikers out for a ride
They "busted through" the red light and weren't about to stop for anyone.

 Our friendly firefighters

 Looking for a fire to fight

 Ready for an outdoor Sunday service?

Rollin' along


Anonymous said...

great pics the new 32,000 fence still looks good.

Anonymous said...

If the TV's and things are at 208-210 on spring clean up they will be picked up (with out tags) and billed to the property owner according to the borough posting. Wood this be correct?

Anonymous said...

tree on cherry st is dead property owner is responsable according to the borough and the shade tree comm. planted it. Whats wrong with this?

Anonymous said...

those rocks are close to that 32,000 dollar fence.

Brian Long said...

According to the Borough's Spring Clean up poster: "UNACCEPTABLE ITEMS:

Nope, the property owner needs to be cited.

Anonymous said...

Stop investing money in Makle playground. I'm 63 years old and as long as I can remember this has been an issue. Not just at Makle but always the worst!

Anonymous said...

Now it is a 32.000 dollar fence the price is always changing do you really know how much the.fence did coast and why are we always talking about that fence it is old news enough is a enough

Anonymous said...

Televisions need to be taken by owner to LCSW on the Harrisburg Pike.

Anonymous said...

Why wood the borough put $900 back boards up in the first place , what's wrong with metal back boards? Who ever approved the glass style should not be spending tax payers money! I bet they wood not have approved it if they were paying for it.

Anonymous said...

Who wood pay to fix that fence if damaged? My guess is tax payers.

Anonymous said...

Frist off the property owner has to trim the tree to borough specs, with a permit. Second to remove it they (owner) must go in front of shade tree com. to get ok to remove it. Third get a permit pay for someone to remove it and clean it up. There just seams to be some thing very wrong here, and they plant the wrong kind of trees to begin with, top root trees cause on pics the grates to be pushed up or side walks cracking and uneven. And who pays if some one falls over it? Yup you got it the home owners insurance.

Anonymous said...

If you keep reading at the bottom they do accept electronics at the borough shed, the list orginally was ready unorganized but was printed again, the borough needs to get there act together.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they need drains at the heritage drive lot Don't they have a storm water manager at the borough?

Anonymous said...

Where are the $8000 of trees they are going to plant there?

Anonymous said...

Borough Council should go to the trees with grates and clean them out and cut them into the ground EVERY YEAR so some one doesn't fall or so they don't catch on fire from trash , because they were told at the meeting what was gone to happen, from experence in the borough and they still approved it.

Anonymous said...

32,000 DOLLARS AND 8,000 in trees it is documented on the spy Ron Millar said it at a meeting! $40,000 don't that seam like throwing money away,price a chain link and I think you will understand.

Anonymous said...

What $ trees are you talking about they are not.gping to put anymore trees there

Anonymous said...

At the same borough council meeting Ron Millar stated they paid $32,000 for the fence and $8,000 for trees to be planted there. That's what was spent on the drive after it was paved, and now they are making a parking area see in the spy pics.

Anonymous said...

The borough will pave the two parking lots(heritage and off walnut st) before any of the streets , Thats how they operate. Try to keep your car inalignment.

Anonymous said...

Excellent conversation provoking pictures!

Anonymous said...

But the property owner Brookfield only paid $1 for it and were given $75,000 by the borough to fix it up , after the borough paid $55,000 to shore it up. Yup not a money maker for the borough , it will take 50 years of taxes to start to pay it back ...

Anonymous said...

over the course of time several backboards have been replaced. the tables were broken and every week it is littered from one end to the other. Why do we keep putting money into Makle park.

Anonymous said...

Don't leo have a camera there? But then again the tax payer is paying for the lite pole at the (money pit) river park that a car hit and we do have cameras there , IT IS EASY TO SPEND OTHER PEOPLES MONEY!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

WHO gave the ok to glass style back boards , with the history of the damage at the park??? What does the borough manager do ,one wood think that there wood be some wisdom there. What is going on here? This is the kind of things that make this group in charge look like a laughing stock of the state.

Anonymous said...

Exactly! OLA did a clean up last year as well as other organizations. It is obviously not important to the community to keep it up after the clean ups and refurnishing the equipment. Let it go!!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should be more concerned about a person getting stuck on the rail road tracks at the lite at front and walnut streets, many people coming up out of the river park get stopped on the tracts by the lite. Can we say liability (Columbia) it is just a matter of time till something happens there , And how about if there pulling a boat.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That in the boroughs eyes is someone else is problem, they need other things to throw tax payers money at in the money PIT.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Would I went to Columbia schools that tells you why.

Anonymous said...

I might not be a speller but I know when it is fishy and not right,these people are taking this town for a down ward ride.

Outsider said...

Would not wood. more evidence of Columbia School District needing help!!

Outsider said...

Does anyone know the difference between wood and would?

Anonymous said...

It's a secret where the 50 cameras are. At least that's what leo says.

Anonymous said...

I know the difference between wood and would. I also went to Columbia schools.

Anonymous said...

LUCKY they can communicate.

Anonymous said...

To my understanding there are less than 25 cameras and now that the trees are growing a lot of them will be blocked , why didn't they catch the person or car # that knocked down the lite?

Anonymous said...

Some did and some didn't I would not advertise it after the stuff going on at that school.

Anonymous said...

And yet it will proudly graduate 60 kids!

Anonymous said...

But then years ago this crap wouldn't they had control of the students. One other point, how can Strickler's wife work under him? Confect of intrest any where but Columbia.

Anonymous said...

How many started the year ?

Anonymous said...

How many section 8 family kids are in the graduating class?

Anonymous said...

Its WOULD not WOOD.. but anyway the boro didnt pay for the boards at Makle. The boards were paid for by donations of basketball teams thay play there in the summer.