Thursday, April 27, 2023

Vehicle stolen in Columbia found crashed in Lancaster| Lancaster Bureau of Police

Apr 26th, 2023 On April 4th, 2023 at around 7:45 pm a 2003 Ford Mustang GT coupe, crashed into two unoccupied, parked vehicles and a front porch rail and stairs. Video surveillance footage from a nearby location captured the driver of the vehicle when they exited and walked away from the scene of the crash. The vehicle was reported stolen from Columbia Borough, PA the same date.  Lancaster City Bureau of Police Auto Crimes Detective, Adam Dommel, is investigating this incident. Det. Dommel is seeking to identify the driver of the vehicle. 

Please review the video clip to observe the driver exit the vehicle after the crash and walk away from the scene. Thankfully, no persons appeared to have been injured as a result of this incident. Officers responded to the scene to investigate and recover the stolen vehicle.  

Any persons with knowledge of the identity of the driver are urged to call the Lancaster City Bureau of Police at 717 735-3301 to pass on the information to Det. Dommel. The Bureau of Police relies on this great community to solve crimes and to participate in keeping our city safe. Use the link below to view the available video footage.

Sourced via CRIMEWATCH® 

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