Sunday, March 5, 2023

About Town - March 5, 2023

 This week's photos of Columbia

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Mosquito Joe . . .

. . . taking a quick shot of the van

It's a clean machine.

Early morning downtown

A bird trying to get closer to God?

The big house on the hill, with a few spectators

The rocking chairs at Columbia Crossing are being replaced, because the old ones have been repaired several times and are wearing out. Residents (and others?) can sponsor new ones. Contact Hope Byers at the Crossing for more information.

Down by the riverside

Norfolk Southern still can't seem to get things straight.

Do they apply these rules to themselves?

Ornate gate at Mount Bethel

Saint John's, once again

Ornate railing at Lloyd Mifflin's

One of the town's private watering holes

You too can be a king or queen.

There's the number.

This could be called a look of wonder.

Cooper's Comics

Finally, a touch of class in the downtown

Cash for gold

A look across the street

Someone didn't like the sign.

Reserved parking - pallets only

New sign at Living Stones Masonry - illuminated, too

This child looks like he's wearing a football uniform from the 1930s.

Angel leaning a bit

These signs are popping up everywhere.

Bud Heim passed recently. He received a 3-volley salute last week, as Columbia Spy reported HERE.

3 on 1

Veteran's marker at Mount Bethel


Canada geese

Tundra swans

Bricks in the puddle

Leaching at the bridge - The rehabilitation is supposed to start next year.


Alarm - old school

Convenience store coming soon at the former Subway building

At the Cherry Street tattoo shop

There's the info^^^

Due to arrive April 9

Pointing on Locust

Like the sign says

Exterior lights at Hermansader's

Big concrete pine cone
(or is it a pineapple?)

Little metal pine cones

USGS checking things out


Got it!

Stars and moons

Pillars on North 4th

Google tells us this is a downy woodpecker.

Who is it?

Ready for Saint Patrick's Day
(Washington Boro)

'Til next week . . .

Two last-minute submitted photos:

[Photos: Heather Eck]
This bird was seen in the Manor Street area at about 6 o'clock this evening, last seen heading towards the firehouse. It's believed to be a Chinese pheasant.