Thursday, February 2, 2023

Columbia’s Dominic Lenhart getting a lot out of left-handed approach in L-L League bowling

If you closed your eyes before Dominic Lenhart rolled his ball, then opened them as the ball neared the pins, you'd think it was a nice ball — for a left-handed bowler.

But Lenhart is actually a right-hander, and his unusual delivery wouldn't be the only thing you'd notice: The Columbia senior has a 208 average, which leads Section Four of the Lancaster-Lebanon League.

"I've been doing it for like four or five years now," Lenhart said. "I'm just now getting to that level. It took me a while to practice and get better at it."

Where did that delivery come from?

"I just kind of did it one day," he added. "I didn't really see anyone do it; I kind of created it, I guess."

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