Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Columbia Bowlers Recognized: L-L League Bowling All-Stars

Section Four MVP: Dominic Lenhart, Columbia.

Section Four: Dominic Lenhart, Columbia, 211.09; Charlie Albright, Northern Lebanon, 206.85; Derick Kinser, Columbia, 204.53; Rory Bender, Columbia, 186.00; Abraham Santiago, Lancaster Catholic, 181.44.

Section Four
• Team champion: Columbia.
• High average: Dominic Lenhart, 211.89.
• High series: Derick Kinser, 683 (Dominic Lenhart, 694).
• High game: Charlie Albright, 259 (Dominic Lenhart, 289).
(Must have bowled in two-thirds of league games: 26 in One and Two; 24 in Three; 22 in Four.)


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