Sunday, February 19, 2023

About Town - February 19, 2023

Recent photos of Columbia

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Just passing through

At the Columbia Historic Preservation Society
(Bonus point if you can find the cat.)

The United States battle flag?

Here's where the first stars and galaxies were formed.

Those tags on the string were part of a presentation at Columbia River Park, probably to show a timeline of events from the beginning of the universe to now. Humans most likely showed up at the last eighth of an inch or so.

Notice of an upcoming zoning hearing

Here are the details.

The hearing is scheduled for this week, but someone was working there already. 

At Mount Bethel Cemetery:

You can order one of these tee shirts HERE.

Whichever way the winds blows

Grocery cart in Avenue G

Looks like it came from CVS.

The bluebird of happiness?

Or the bluebird of annoyance?

Workers at 149 North 3rd Street

They're working at the former Subway building.


Time for a hose-down


Daffodils springing to life on the 400 block of Locust

About to burst out

At the former Twin Oaks site

A Trump-era rollback of safety regulations for the railroad industry contributed to a train derailment in Ohio on February 3, which created an environmental catastrophe. Could it happen here? Trains have derailed in Columbia in the past, so the answer is "yes."

Don't stop on the tracks, especially those owned by Norfolk Southern

That's one way to dress up your car antenna.

A tragedy occurred right up the alley from this sign about a week-and-a-half ago.

Two outta three ain't bad.

Sure doesn't look like a fire extinguisher.

Let's hope this is correct.

Firetrucks don't look like this anymore.


The stones at this Civil War-era bridge pier began disappearing about a decade or two ago. Where did they go and why?

Some might have been thrown into the water, near the pier.

Or alongside it, but what about the rest?

Ready for a barbecue, possibly a goose dinner

Which one would win?

Even mail trucks need help sometimes.

Expect lane closures on the Route 30 bridge this week.

The ol' home at 1020 is gone and forgotten.

Former police officer Troy Engle is now a realtor.


Here are some cats now:

Let's hope this one's been found.

These two can hold their own.

Who broke the door at the Wine and Spirits store?

Meanwhile, at Long Level: a naked guy who goes by the name of Poseidon and sometimes Neptune.

And this guy lives in Wrightsville.

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