Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Columbia man shot man in York furniture store after he struck him the previous day: police

A Columbia man shot another man in a York County furniture store last week following a physical altercation between the two the day before, according to police.

Officers with Springettsbury Township Police Department responded to Price Busters at 1900 Industrial Highway around 11 a.m. on Friday, Feb. 24, according to a criminal complaint. Officers spoke to witnesses and reviewed store surveillance, which showed Kirk Olivier, 20, of Columbia, inside the store and Michael Whitt, 23, of York, walk into the store.

Olivier took a pistol from his waistband and shot at Whitt, according to the criminal complaint. Whitt ran out of the store and fled the area. 

Whitt arrived at a local hospital with multiple gunshot wounds, according to a criminal complaint. Police noted that Whitt did not have a firearm during the shooting. Police did not indicate the extent of Whitt's injuries.

Olivier had been inside the Smoke & Chill convenience store on East Princess Street in York around 7:20 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 23, when Whitt walked in and hit Olivier in the face, according to a criminal complaint. The strike caused Olivier to fall backward and retreat to the rear of the store as Whitt walked toward him and pulled a handgun from his waistband. Police said Olivier was able to get away from Whitt, and Whitt also left the store. 

Whitt was adjudicated as a minor for possession of a firearm, which prohibits him from owning a firearm. 

Olivier was charged with attempted homicide, aggravated assault and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in connection with the shooting.

Whitt was charged with simple assault and possession of a firearm prohibited, stemming from the Feb. 23 incident at Smoke & Chill.

Police have issued warrants for both Olivier and Whitt. It was not clear as of Tuesday if Whitt was still in the hospital.


Watch & Clock Museum staff get fire training from Columbia Fire Department

[Source/photos: Sarah Gallagher]

Staff at Columbia's Watch and Clock Museum received fire safety training this morning from the Columbia Borough Fire Department.

Assistant Chief Kevin Keyser led the training, which included the proper handling of fire extinguishers and an explanation of numbers and symbols on the labels, as well as where to position oneself in relation to the fire. Fire personnel also set a small fire so that museum staff could practice with extinguishers.

Personnel also toured the building to familiarize themselves with the interior in case of a fire call. For their efforts, the volunteers received museum passes for visiting the museum with their families.

Columbia Bowlers Recognized: L-L League Bowling All-Stars

Section Four MVP: Dominic Lenhart, Columbia.

Section Four: Dominic Lenhart, Columbia, 211.09; Charlie Albright, Northern Lebanon, 206.85; Derick Kinser, Columbia, 204.53; Rory Bender, Columbia, 186.00; Abraham Santiago, Lancaster Catholic, 181.44.

Section Four
• Team champion: Columbia.
• High average: Dominic Lenhart, 211.89.
• High series: Derick Kinser, 683 (Dominic Lenhart, 694).
• High game: Charlie Albright, 259 (Dominic Lenhart, 289).
(Must have bowled in two-thirds of league games: 26 in One and Two; 24 in Three; 22 in Four.)


Agenda - Columbia Borough Council Meeting - February 28, 2023


Get the meeting packet HERE.

Columbia Borough streetscape project plan to cost over $1.2 million

When: Columbia Borough Council meeting, Feb. 14.

What happened: A streetscape project, which would improve safety on Walnut Street by eliminating some two-way traffic patterns, moved a step closer to completion after council members voted to submit a detailed plan to a state Department of Transportation subcontractor.

Background: Columbia received about $900,000 in 2020 in federal money distributed by the Lancaster County Metro Planning Organization. The borough will supply the rest of the $1.2 million cost estimated in 2019, although that construction amount probably has gone up, Borough Manager Mark Stivers said after the meeting.

More info: The borough plans to eliminate two-way traffic from Third Street to Front Street, with vehicles heading toward the river. Workers also will install bike lanes that will travel in each direction, plus a median to protect those lanes.

Why only one way: Allowing vehicle traffic to continue in both directions would eliminate too many on-street parking spaces, Rinaldi told council members. "This was just not acceptable based on all the feedback we received from residents," he said.

Specifics: Parking spaces on Walnut will decrease by either five or six spots under the current proposal. However, the borough plans to add more spaces on other streets, which would increase total parking available, Rinaldi said.

Details: Work should take about three months to complete, and the improvements should start in late 2024 or early 2025.


"The Sweetness of Water" at the Library - Tuesday, February 28



Deeds Recorded - Columbia Borough - February 27, 2023

Curtis High and Kristen High conveyed property on North Fifth Street to Glanzair Properties LLC for $235,000.

The estate of Matthew Todd Ingram and Charles Tom Ingram conveyed property on a public road to Charles Tom Ingram and Abigail M. Ingram for $1.

Sunday, February 26, 2023

About Town - February 26, 2023

 Recent photos of Columbia

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The Vet 21 Salute Honor Guard performed a 3-volley salute Saturday at the funeral of Charles R. "Bud" Heim at the United Methodist Church. His obituary is HERE.
[Photos and video below]


Earlier in the week, firefighters responded to a fire call at 336 Cherry Street, which turned out to be a fire in a hopper and a pile of rubbish standing next to the house. Bob Warfel (in the gray shirt) was first on scene and pulled the items away from the house and put out the flames with a fire extinguisher. A third-grader named Sariah, who was reportedly the first person to see the flames, had alerted her parents, who called it in.

After firefighters stabilized the scene, the codes department condemned the structure due to interior conditions.


Yep, fog
(Tuesday morning)


Two friends at sonneteer Lloyd Mifflin's house on the 100 block of Walnut Street

Daffodils on the 400 block of Locust

Cooper's Comics & Collectibles

Shadow-painted house

At the window

Cloud across the sky

Council voted to sell this lot at 4th & Locust for $56,000.

Fallen on hard times?

A mourning dove mourning in the morning

Bird on a wire or two or three . . .

A murder of crows has decided to "Adopt-a-Block" on the 300 block of Walnut.


The DAC at night

Pressure washing on the 300 block of Locust

Old and new

Cowzilla's at the door.
(Turkey Hill Experience)

This pot got itself high.

Just in case you had a notion to do this.

A truckload of dumpsters

A truckload of bikes

A foot of rebar protruding from the curb along Front Street

Looks like the house buyers zip-tied their sign under the stop sign at 5th & Walnut.