Sunday, January 29, 2023

About Town - January 29, 2023

Recent photos of Columbia

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Two Eagles fans in Washington Boro
Go Eagles!

Speaking of Washington Boro, the collapsing wall along Route 441 appears to have been fixed, at least for now.

Here's some equipment that helped do the job.

Morning in America

Deteriorating datestone at North 2nd & Walnut

Free stuff on Saturday morning

All in a row

Private address on public fence

Boat Dock

Tired cross

Shadow heart for Valentine's Day

Albatwitch sighting

He was going home after a long day.

Rustic simplicity

Last Halloween's pumpkins might be around for this year's Halloween

Still life: Knox box and flag

Butts on Locust

Sofa on Locust

Throne on Locust

More Valentine's stuff

Soon to be a courtyard on the 300 block of Locust

There's something happening here. What it is ain't exactly clear.

A 3/4-full container of floor finish sitting out unattended.

Goodbye, Clean Quarters Laundromat

Downtown mushrooms

Downtown sidewalks are like minefields.
The issue was discussed at Tuesday's borough council meeting.

Carriage stone with the Wright Family coat of arms

The stone is made of granite. Beside it is a hitching post.

It's estimated to be about 250 years old.

It sits near this plaque at 2nd & Locust.

It snowed a little on Wednesday.

Fortunately, the snow "went away" right away.


551 Avenue H is still for sale.

Mass assembly - allowed at the former State Theater

Jersey barriers were installed this week at Columbia River Park to prevent vehicles from creating ruts on the bank.

Freedom home visitors only in this part of the CVS parking lot

Coat and hat on a tree on Manor

Coat on a tree on Locust -
Is this becoming a thing?

A large object was being moved from the old homestead at 1020 Manor this week.

Here's another look.

Double rockers at Gorman Distributors

1280 Franklin Street

Flying the flag high

Textured grave marker at Mount Bethel Cemetery

Two hearts about to meet

Glowing cable on the Veterans Memorial Bridge

No, it's not part of the bridge rehab project.

It's just reflected sunlight.

These three properties on the 400 block of Cherry Street are slated for demolition. This is the view from Avenue I.

Church windows at St. Paul's Episcopal

Services from Bootleg Betty

Electric bikes are coming to 132 Locust

Here's the front entrance.

Columbia's new State House Representative Brett Miller was moving items out of Dave Hickernell's office at 236 Locust the other day.

Miller's moving into the corner office at 132 Locust. His first official day there is Monday, January 30. The office will be open five days a week.

Saturday's sunset was worth watching . . .