Sunday, January 22, 2023

About Town - January 22, 2023

 Recent photos of Columbia

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Rockin' out

A fire in the east?

No, just heavenly histrionics at sunrise last Tuesday.

The infamous Twisted Tea of video fame

Underside of last week's tree fungus

Big ball of concrete

At the former Poplar Street School

Don't even think of trespassing or loitering here.

Snake trap?

Yup, that's what is says.

Multi-colored flags

Star bolts to tighten the brick wall

Hopefully, it gets good reception.

This will never go flat.

N. Second River Rot . . . ?

So that's where the City No1 Inlet is.
(North 2nd & Chestnut)

For Sale

Check your energy.


Just around the corner

This emaciated Cupid apparently could use some Valentine's Day candy.

Lot at 750 South 9th that's in the process of being sold
Here's the info:

Holy Trinity Parish Hall

Someone put ruts in the grass

Someone laid rubber in the parking lot.

Someone did donuts.

To report suspicious activity . . .

Fenced-in fence

Puddle Alley

Looking down 4th Street towards Poplar Street, where that hedge continues to block the line of sight.

Empty mortgage office - Was it foreclosed on?

Moonlight catcher

Gentrification numbers

Is home ownership on the way out?

Entrance at the former Eichhorn's

At the Haitian Maranatha Church on Locust

A detail of the building

Flowers in the window

Air conditioner in an ex-window

Siamese on 2nd

Chipped steps

Social Security statement deliberately ripped to shreds at the North 5th & Chestnut clock plaza.

Off-center yet centered

Forgotten scarf

Almost not here

Dead leaves and fur



New to town

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their beer deliveries.”

Pizza and beer

Another detail from the Poplar Street Shcool

Another look at that house across the river


More landlords should post their contact info like this.

At least that old couch is good for something.

Hawk surveying Columbia River Park Saturday morning