Friday, December 9, 2022

Columbia Borough school board hears of pandemic-influenced learning loss reflected in standardized testing

Superintendent Ashley Rizzo provided an update on the district's most recent standardized test scores and demographic data.

Test scores: Rizzo noted the district's scores have dropped since before the pandemic and stressed it is going to take time to recover from the learning loss that occurred due to COVID-19. The biggest percentage change for elementary school students was in English language arts, with 29% of students testing at or above proficiency, compared to 51% before the pandemic. The district's middle school students English language arts scores were nearly equal to pre-pandemic scores, but proficiency in math dropped to 8% and science proficiency dropped to 20%.

Demographics: The district had roughly 1,250 students enrolled as of October 2022. Of the district's students, roughly 43% are white, 41% are Hispanic, 9% are multiracial and 7% are Black. Roughly 6% of students enrolled are English language learners. Rizzo noted that 72% of district families are considered low-income and 5% of families are in transition or experiencing homelessness. Of the students in the districts' current senior class, 55% have been enrolled at Columbia Borough School District since kindergarten or first grade.

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