Sunday, December 18, 2022

About Town - December 18, 2022

Recent photos of Columbia

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Christmas decorations around town, including Krampus, Santas, Wisemen, Baby Jesuses, and the Grinch:


Morning clouds, Monday, December 12

Mona Lisa on Locust

American Legion

Loading pieces of the coffer dam at the water company

An ET vainly looking for signs of intelligence in Columbia

Hock shop on Locust

Pickup on sidewalk
The backstory is HERE.

Even FOX breaks down sometimes.

Heading on out

Progress on the broken utility pole: caution tape added

Amishman on Equipter

One of the Wreaths across America at Mount Bethel Cemetery

Movement at the former airfield
A.T.O. Excavating, Inc. was awarded the contract for demolition of the house for the low bid of $120,750. The high cost of demolition is attributed to the amount of asbestos found in the house. According to the bid, asbestos abatement alone will cost $40,000. At the August 16, 2022 Columbia Borough Planning Commission meeting, borough engineer Derek Rinaldo said, "There is a ton of asbestos in the property - a ton." The demolition will be funded through a grant, according to borough manager Mark Stivers.



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