Sunday, November 6, 2022

About Town - November 6, 2022

 Recent photos of Columbia

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Halloween is still hanging around . . . 


And it's soon time for Thanksgiving . . . 

The sky offered some vivid sunsets this past week . . . 


Air-conditioned truck?

Even junk trees can look nice.

Be yourself


Yet another look at the bridge

The Zion Hill Cemetery Restortation Project . . .


Cats striking poses

Needle on the first block of Walnut
(Police were notified.)

Extreme Doug Mastriano

Air mail box

The wave of the future?

This week's guardian of the pumpkins

80 in Wrightsville

Out for a ride

Enjoying the view

Under different circumstances, this would be considered graffiti.


High in Colorado

There was much fog this past week . . . 

The coffer dam is being disassembled . . .


At the airfield: a beautiful view - for now
(Until the bulldozers show up)
[Photo by Heather Eck]

The following photos and video were submitted by Howard Stevens...

On Saturday, police escorted motorcyclists promoting Toys for Tots. The cyclists shown here are coming off Route 30 at Linden Street. They then proceeded up Route 441.

Deb Stevens, Howard's daughter-in-law is VP for Toys for Tots in Lancaster. His son, Mike Stevens, has also has been involved for years, helping with car shows for Toys for Tots. Howard says motorcycle groups in York and Lancaster have also been involved for years.