Tuesday, October 25, 2022

“Homeless people are people" Columbia shelter residents tell their stories in their own words

[Some of the following information was provided by a recent LNP article.]

Columbia's homeless shelter, Hands Across the Street/The Columbia Dream Center at 291 South 4th Street, must move from its current location, because the Lancaster Mennonite Conference, which owns the building, plans to lease it to another tenant. The shelter will have to move in late March or early April, according to Pastor Dave Powers. Unfortunately, Columbia Borough claims it's unable to help.

“We’ve outgrown what we can handle,” Council President Heather Zink said about the borough’s homeless population. Eric Kauffman, council vice president, said, “We do have compassion and empathy for all people, but our priority, as borough officials, is the taxpayer of Columbia Borough. When we put them in harm’s way, we’re doing an injustice.”

“Homeless people are people," Powers told council.

Recently, Leo, Samantha, and Carol - residents of the shelter - told Columbia Spy their stories in their own words…

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