Friday, October 14, 2022

Columbia Borough Public Works Report - September 2022

* 2022 Proposed Paving Projects by Borough Crews
Borough crews are currently working on preparation work for paving North Eleventh Street from Spruce Street to Ironville Pike. Once paving is complete on North Eleventh Street, crews will begin paving preparation for paving the 1100 block of Chestnut Street

* UGI New Gas Main Installation

Precision Pipeline, the Contractor for UGI, completed the main replacement on Lancaster Ave in the area of Union Street and South Ninth Street. The restoration of Lancaster Ave from Cherry Street to South Ninth Street is scheduled to start in two weeks. Phase II of this main replacement project is scheduled to begin the week of October 3 and last approximately seven months. The areas affected will be Lancaster Ave from the Shopping Center to Eighteenth Street, South Twelfth Street from Lancaster Ave to Grinnell Ave, 1100 block of Grinnell Ave, and Barber Street – Twelfth to Plane Street, along with short section of Thirteenth and Fourteenth off Lancaster Ave

* Columbia Water Company Main Replacement

The main replacement in the 1000 Block of Walnut Street has been completed with the exception of street restoration

* Fourth Street Bridge Maintenance
Crilon Corp., the contractor for this project mobilized on September 15th. The contractor repaired/replaced brick on top of bridge railing and repointed areas as required along with sealing at the base of wall and sidewalk. Currently work is in progress of removing loose mortar and repointing of limestone barrel section under the bridge

* Curb Side Yard Waste Pick-Up/Leaf Collection
Last Day for Yard Waste Pick up Monday November 7

Leaf collection begins October 17 and ends Friday December 9

* Borough Yard Waste Recycling Facility & Curb-Side Yard Waste Pick Up

Contracted Municipalities dropped off 305.47 Tons of yard waste in September totaling 2,368.39 tons this season = $82,893.65. Crews picked up 18.31 tons in September *Compost: 450 cubic yards of Compost were purchased by contractors in September = 2,880 cu yds March through September for the amount of $28,800.00.

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