Sunday, October 23, 2022

About Town - October 23, 2022

Recent photos of Columbia

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Pumpkin with a new do

The former Cookman Church - What is it now?

At the Columbia First Church of God

Father and son Hometown Heroes 

The river was crystal clear the other day.

Now if only something could be done about that stuff on top.

How to lock your fence

Was someone going pantsless at Rotary Park?

Where you can expect the best, except for the sign

About to take a great fall?

Bricks replaced presumably by UGI, with a nice mortar job - 
Everything matches perfectly.

This building (the former Subway) at 149 North 3rd is going to be gutted, renovated and turned into a convenience store, according to borough documents.

The Columbia Historic Preservation Society

Some folks need a reminder.

Floating dock floating at the cul-de-sac

Bald eagle at the Columbia Water Company

On high alert

This looks like something Jethro Bodine threw together.

It was on this truck. Hopefully, their oxygen tanks are better designed.

Your weekly ferals

How to fit a house inside a bus

One last meeting before the end

A hawk on high

It was keeping on eye on these pigeons, who were hanging together.

This one was a casualty.

Gotta move that exercycle somehow.

At Tacos to Go



Up yours, Russia!

Black is the new orange.

Vehicle with urgent messages and a Mastriano sign.

And the winner is.

Repointing during a serenade

'Cause it's a Bitter Sweet Symphony, that's life.

Old Glory at sunset

Bunting in the attic

And one downtown


Governor Wolf ordered that flags fly at half-staff on Saturday, October 22, in honor of a soldier killed in the Korean War and only recently identified.

Who complied?

Borough Hall

Columbia Crossing

Columbia Post Office


These were just a few of the buildings around town that were checked.
It's ironic and shameful that the flags weren't lowered to honor a veteran when Columbia claims to honor its veterans.


Mount Bethel in the day

Mount Bethel at night

'Tis the season

CVS - Seems to be the opposite of what it's trying to convey.

Keep religion out of politics and off women's bodies.


Stars and stripes and stripes

One last stand