Sunday, October 2, 2022

About Town - October 2, 2022

 Recent photos of Columbia

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Tis the season.

["Pirate" submitted by Howard Stevens]


A PPL transformer, accompanied by a convoy of trucks, began its 19.4-mile journey Tuesday morning, September 27, 2022. The trip originated at the NS Railyard at 103 Bridge Street, and took several hours to reach its destination at the South Manheim Substation on 375 Bucknoll Road, south of Manheim Borough. The transformer followed Route 462, then to Route 741, Route 30 and Fruitville Pike.


Another one bites the dust.
(500 block of Locust)

Not a fiddler on the roof but one on the wall

Bird's-eye view of a lion's head

Scrounging for scraps

Everyone's doing it . . .


Rehab work continues in the 500 block of Avenue H.

Did someone set off a loose nuke?

Australian shepherds? Their names are Sydney and Melbourne.
(Says so right on their harnesses.)

Many stars, many stripes

Got gold?

Never forget who did it, and never forget who's friends with them.

Sound advice?

Seemingly unimpressed

At work at River Terrace Apartments, 100 block of Locust

Almost done

At the Elks

Vultures looking for elks?



Possibly feral

Infant and Inri

Instruments of torture
(Fragments of the Past)

Sidewalk sentinels

At the DAC 
(District Administration Center)

Hawk squirrel-hunting at the DAC

No word on whether the hunt was successful