Sunday, October 16, 2022

About Town - October 16, 2022

Recent photos of Columbia

(Click/tap on photos to see larger, sharper images.) 

Fence-painting at the Wright Mansion. 
A source tells Columbia Spy that the roof will be replaced in the spring.


Workin' on the railroad

Contemplating the wonder of it all

Seen at a house next to the Buddhist temple

No one told him smoking is bad for your health.

Shiloh Paving at the Locust Street parking lot

Sheriff in town

You know it's fall when leaves gather on Abe.

Presbyterian vs Episcopalian

Vero's Magic Touch

Holy starling, Batman!

Outside facility


Political signs

That full moon sure was full this week.

Family First is distancing itself from Qwik-Med after last week's bust.

CHAMPMAN endures! (He's scratched into the asphalt.)

Progress at 132 Locust

Hopefully this is temporary.

Not quite a shade tree. Not quite a tree well.

Curious cat

Wide angle

Hurt sign

Scenic entrance on South 2nd

For about $350,000, this harvester can be yours.

It rolled through town Wednesday afternoon.

T-shirts for sale on the 400 block of Locust

Big bear on Locust

Another big bear on Locust (Or is it a dog?)

It's never too early for Christmas decorations.

Rollin' down that long, lonesome highway

Maybe the borough could get relief here. If not, Better Call Saul.

Deer on Ironville Pike. It was accompanied by two others.

School bus line-up at the high school. But none for Columbia students.

At 4th & Locust - The borough originally bought the lot for $75,000.

An ornate pillar at Columbia Presbyterian

Hand-painted door on South 3rd

The next door is just as interesting in its own way.

Don't GO there. GO over there.

Unintentional autumnal arrangement

Open air fence

Seen at Mullen Books on Walnut Street. Google tells us: "Gold Moulded Records was a sub-label of Edison Records launched in February, 1902 to market new cylinder records of hard black wax that could be replayed hundreds of times. These replaced earlier Brown Wax cylinders, and many titles were either re-recorded and/or re-numbered for issue on the new format."

Does anyone say "HOLDUP" any more?

The morning after a rain

Who's been creeping around the ol' McGinness household lately?

Who could it be now?
Who indeed?

Still more activity at the former Floyd's building

These must be those tiny houses everyone's talking about.

A deadly bungee adder ready to strike. It already offed that lanternfly on the right.

Notice on abandoned vehicle at Columbia River Park

Janitorial services for Columbia Crossing (?)
(The abandoned vehicle is on the left.)

Tree ornament at River Park

This dumpster was dropped off at River Park. On Thursday, it looked like this.

It was used in the Great Plastic Purge, a clean-up at the park and elsewhere.

By Saturday morning. it looked like this.

And by Sunday morning, this appeared nearby, in Columbia school colors no less.

Surely, this camera right by the bridge and the dumpster caught a look at the perpetrators. 

The results of a river rescue call last week, from Robyn Schmidt Porter


Tis the season . . .

Another look at those two, along with their dog and an albatwitch, from Howard Stevens

(Photo enhanced)

Wait . . .

Who's that in the trolley over by the Front Street mural tonight?

Why, it's Andre Underhill, trolley driver par excellence, owner of Rivertowne Trolley and friend of the Spy. He was revving up for tonight's Columbia Haunted Lantern Tour. You can find the tour schedule and other information HERE.

And last but not least . . .