Sunday, September 25, 2022

About Town - September 25, 2022

Recent photos of Columbia

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Two albatwitch sightings (here and below)

The Albatwitch Day Festival is Saturday, October 8, 2022.
Columbia Spy reported on the event in years past, including the first one in 2014:

About 10 of these black-hatted cyclists rode through town Saturday morning.

The ever-fascinating Mount Bethel Cemetery features many unique tombstones, some from back when drapery was king.

This marker features a humanoid form, most likely to memorialize an infant death.

This one's sinking fast.

Those downtown buildings have nothing on this apartment building.

Veterans' markers


Fragments of the Past: an old time wooden wheelchair with doll and ouija board

And a nifty Halloween display

Abandoned unicorn

Abandoned bike

This heron just wanted to be alone.

But these mallards kept encroaching.

Like unwanted company, they just wouldn't leave.


Meanwhile, over in Hempfield: pumpkin time!  
(Here and below)


Words of wisdom at the Boys & Girls Club

Going in deep at the intake project

A tune-up for Halloween?

This guy's ready.

For once, graffiti that took some time and effort.

New garden boxes on Bank Avenue

If you get the boot, tell the borough you want a special master to review it.
(It's worth a try.)

Now hiring

An insurrectionist flag

An lone barrel

A stepladder to nowhere

At Coffee & Cream


The wheels on this bridge plaza cannon have been removed for rehab. The backstory is HERE.


Halloween at Bootleg Antiques


Phone book - a relic of the past, in the present

JG Environmental recently signed a 29-year lease agreement with the borough for use of the old sewer plant at bargain basement prices.

Rising high at Living Stones


This week's ferals

Coming in for a landing