Sunday, September 11, 2022

About Town - September 11, 2022

 Recent photos of Columbia

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Caught one!


A new Northwest Lancaster County River Trail sign was installed at the intersection of Front Street and Rotary Avenue this week. The original sign was irreparably damaged in a fatal car crash there in February 2021.

The bridge inspectors were at it again.
(American Engineers Group)

So were the workers at the water intake project.


Looks like Floyd's is gone, but they left some fibers behind.

Meeting in the middle
(Eberly Myers project at the bottom of Locust Street)

The Bartlett Tree Experts cut down a tree there on Friday morning.


Columbia Borough added another way to pay for parking using the ParkMobile app. Just follow the instructions on the green sticker on the street side.  Don't worry - you can still use quarters.


The Turkey Hill Experience

Angel on Bridge Street

Way downtown

Sailboats sailing in the wind

Meanwhile in West Hempfield
[Submitted photo]

This concrete globe has feet - four to be exact.
(Mount Bethel Cemetery)

Washington Boro Park has its own cannon, but not nearly as large as Columbia's two artillery pieces at the bridge plaza.


More changes at the Wright Mansion. Now, most of the fence has been removed.

Police now have the right to pull drivers over if any part of their license plate is obscured.

An early sign of Halloween

Powered paragliding

Locust Street Park lights on in the daytime

Leave the leaves!

At Kleen-Rite

Face-to-face conversation

Here's another European starling, covered in hearts.

And here's a juvenile mourning dove, just hanging out.

Lunch for whomever or whatever

Clothing & Shoes Recycling Bin

Aftermath of a vehicle accident on Route 30 near Malleable Road last Monday

Country living shadow person

Another catch!

You can start by cleaning up that litter in front of your vehicle.

This is how some people treat our Columbia River Park.

Speaking of River Park: NO NO NO NO . . . And to top it off, NO SWIMMING. In a river.

Somehow this block looks more like Trump every day.

A load of stone in a leaning dump truck

It was used in this project at Locust Street Park.

Fetterman for U.S. Senate

Cafe 301 is leaving this location at 3rd & Locust in December.

Some people work. Some people watch.

Is this vehicle street legal, or even sidewalk legal?

Signs are not to be permitted at the Veterans Memorial Bridge Island Project, according to a previous council. 

Not a feral. He's well taken care of. He's also fixed, as indicated by the clipped ear.

But a block away, these ferals roam.


Anyway, the moon is still there.

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