Sunday, August 7, 2022

About Town - August 7, 2022

Recent photos of Columbia

(Click/tap on photos to see larger, sharper images.) 

Heron leaving the scene

He had just gotten done with a fish breakfast and coffee.

He was a lot cleaner than the lazy fisherman who left this mess under the bridge.

Bunting at the Locust Street Park gazebo

Flowers and ants

Family outing?

Made in the shade

Yet another bridge pic

At the entrance to CVS

A cat hanging around the alley but not necessarily an alley cat

Back at the coffer dam

An office chair in the shade. 
This must be where the supervisor sits and watches everyone else work.

River real estate

The US Geological Survey was hanging around this week.

There's their logo.

They were out on one of the piers, lying down on the job.
But what was the job?

It seemed to have something to do with whatever this box is.

Meanwhile at Holy Trinity Cemetery

This is the entrance to the building shown above, which is a chapel.
It's supposedly open only on November 2 - All Soul's Day.

Here's a look around back.

And a closer look at the window

Two grave markers stand next to it.

Here's one of them.

This mausoleum was placed in Holy Trinity Cemetery in November 2020.

Complete with lions, here . . .

and here.

There's a stained glass window in the back.

Here's what it looks like from the inside.

This mausoleum is in Mount Bethel Cemetery.

Here's a peek inside.

This one's at Mount Bethel, also.

And a look inside.

Also at the cemetery - Is this a pickup or a delivery?

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