Sunday, August 14, 2022

About Town - August 14, 2022

Recent photos of Columbia

(Click/tap on photos to see larger, sharper images.)

The Chief painted downtown parking meters on Friday.

Jesus offered a sunflower to his pet lamb at Laurel Hill.

The pumpkins are early this year.

A worms-eye view of black-eyed Susans

This snowy egret was fishing along the shoreline on Monday morning.

Just a smidge of the bridge

A closer look

True, the bridge is falling apart.

But duct tape won't help it one bit.

As long as it falls apart at night, no one will notice.

This property is for sale.

The realtor

Markers such as these were painted along Route 462 to designate a detour due to road/bridge construction on Malleable Road. The project is scheduled to start August 22.

One of Columbia's many fine, furry, feral felines - in Avenue F, or course.

There's plenty of food lying around - here.

And here, in Rotary Park where this trash was left on the ground.

This USGS stream gaging station was installed recently at River Park.

It's government property, so KEEP OFF!

This nearby tree is full of spotted lanternflies.

Left behind at the gas pump

Here's some info on our railroads during the Civil War.

More of the seemingly endless work at the District Administration Center.

Here's a Geoprobe machine down near the old sewer plant.

But what is it probing, and why?

Is this a family outing?


Low overhead

Sunset - with a face? 
Could it be Peter Pumpkinhead signaling that Halloween is just around the corner?

Someone left the scoreboard on.

The Columbia Park Rangers cleaned up the area recently. 


At Holy Trinity Cemetery

At the high school ball field

Taking a trip

The water company's intake project continues.

Seen in Mount Joy - Why doesn't Columbia do something similar?

Homegrown produce at Kinderhook Road and Marietta Avenue

Actually, that's only for OVERFLOW parking.

What happened to the sign?

Spooky Action general services

Hurt sign

Holy Trinity icon

Todd Stahl submitted these photos of Saturday's car show at the high school:

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