Sunday, July 17, 2022

About Town - July 17, 2022

Recent photos of Columbia

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Volunteers from Victory Church did outdoor maintenance at Align Pregnancy Services on Saturday morning.

When you gotta get that plywood home, one way or another.

A troubadour strums a tune on South Market Street Tuesday morning.

There was a brilliant atmospheric display on Tuesday evening.

They're back.
(Spotted lanternflies)

Sharp-chinned cloud

Amazon delivery at the cemetery
(Wait . . .what?!)


Translation: BABY ON BOARD

"Hybrid Electric Propulsion"

New parking enforcer

Out with the old, in with the new at Domino's

Blessed with "children"

Out for a swim

A tangle of wire challenged those on their way to the trail on Thursday.

This guy helped straighten things out.

Ghost sign on Locust

There are a million photos of this bridge, so why not one more? 
(By the way, a bridge rehabilitation project is scheduled to start next year.)

It's that way!

PennDOT workers at work at the Columbia entrance to the bridge

There's their truck.

Osprey with a fish dinner

Gas prices are high. How much for a fill-up?

When you drive the wrong way on a one-way and almost cause a head-on.

The nitrogen tank at Floyd's of Leadville on Bridge Street was removed on Monday.

The tank was installed in January 2020.

The nitrogen was used to freeze raw hemp as part of a process to make CBD oil.

Floyd Landis, of cycling fame, is a principal of the Colorado-based company, which sells hemp-derived products throughout the U.S. 

Although the area in which the property is located is not zoned for such a facility, the Columbia Borough Zoning Hearing Board voted 4-1 to grant a variance in September 2019.

A resident at the meeting noted that the intent of the district was "to encourage a mix of entertainment, restaurant and other commercial uses that will take advantage of proximity to the river and the downtown"and questioned whether the facility meets "the letter and spirit of the defined purpose of this zoning district."

Despite removal of the tank, the facility is still in operation.

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