Sunday, June 5, 2022

About Town - June 5, 2022

Recent photos of Columbia

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This motorcyclist blocked the intersection at 3rd & Chestnut so that his many compadres traveling north on 3rd Street could make an unimpeded left turn onto the bridge.

This cat might need help.

This one doesn't.

Wreaths from Memorial Day

He was fine until he looked around.

This killdeer is keeping an eye on things.
A very big eye.

Planting in West Hempfield

Driverless cart?
(West Hempfield)

Morning sun

There's Buddha's lion.

And there's Buddha.
Hi Buddha!


Yet another bear sighting

COVID is still with us, so don't trash your masks just yet.

Not all Columbians abide by this.

Should we tell him?
(Manor Township)

Morning call

When gas is too expensive to ship via truck

Forgotten binoculars

Monopolizing the cul-de-sac

No respect for history

New letters at 3rd & Chestnut

Whatever was sprayed at the airfield a couple of weeks ago killed almost everything in sight.

This seeder was spotted there recently.
(Photo submitted by Heather Eck)

St. John's sign, but what does the footnote say?

There it is . . . 


Clouds at sunset

There's more to Columbia BUSINESS than just "the downtown":

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