Sunday, June 26, 2022

About Town - June 26, 2022

Cats, Clydesdales, Diversion, etc.

Recent photos of Columbia (and elsewhere)

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Cats . . .

This (former?) feral may have been adopted. He's looking better these days.

But there's still more on the loose. The Columbia Animal Shelter estimates 1,000 in Columbia alone.

How many will there be next year?

Ferals make more ferals, but people who let their unfixed pets run free are part of the problem, too.

This obviously "unfixed" male could be the progenitor of many feral offspring.

A close-up of one still hanging about.

Clydesdales . . .

The Budweiser Clydesdales were at Flinchbaugh's Orchard and Farm Market this past week and paraded through Wrightsville on Friday.

Diversion . . .
Not Jason Momoa but an "aquaman" of sorts, nonetheless. He was part of a crew installing a "diversion" near Columbia River Park as part of a water intake project for the Columbia Water Company.

Here's the plan.

[Video by Robyn Schmidt Porter]

Etc . . .

This NO SKATEBOARDING sign even has an image of a skateboarding killer nun.

"The Returned Soldier" at Locust Street Park.
(His backstory is HERE.)

Modes of transport at Tollbooth Antiques (here and below)


Still no drones at the airfield, but there was a herd of deer eating the crops. Here's one.

Bon appetit!

Making way for a window at 4th & Cherry

Work continues at Lancaster Avenue & Hill Street

The river was low on Tuesday.

The bin is supposed to be for clothing and shoes.

Many old structures contain lead paint.

This one's at 525 Locust Street.

New bench at Columbia River Park

Here's a front view.

On the wing(s) of an angel
(Mount Bethel Cemetery)

Shadows loomed this week.

These two were just along for the ride.

Abel's is now Trone's.

Several photos of Riverfest/Burning Bridge Challenge (and elsewhere) submitted by Todd Stahl:

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