Sunday, June 19, 2022

About Town - June 19, 2022

Recent photos of Columbia

(Click/tap on photos to see larger, sharper images.) 

Saturday refreshments at 4th & Locust

Signs such as this, marking the locations of Lincoln Highway markers, popped up on Tuesday.

The markers once lined the Lincoln Highway in Columbia and elsewhere. 

Cacti in Avenue G

Wooden wheels

Metal pillars

This pathetic-looking soul was watching the car show on Saturday.

About those bricks that were removed at the bottom of Locust Street - 
Will they be replaced?

Borough Hall, where the big decisions are made. 

A look at the fire-damaged properties on the 500 block of Locust, as seen from Avenue H

Discarded photos

Sticker shock

Getting a lift

The Von Hess building - a good place to leave your hat . . .

. . . and your tire

Are the banks of Shawnee Run out of control?

Rainbows, three in a row

There's one in every crowd, thank goodness.


The details

The address

Locust Street Park

This year's mayfly invasion has begun.

Waterlogged Lincoln

Strawberry moon

The red circle shows a fire hydrant that was clipped off by a car at 4th & Chestnut.
A sign post was also hit. The car is on the right.

What remains

The rut that was made by the internal combustion-propelled hydrant

An injured chair at the scene

Park Elementary's Edible Classroom

Difficult to see, but helpful citizens rescued a small flock of ducklings at Plane & Manor on Wednesday.

Even an ambulance needs help occasionally.

The River Park rain gardens went MIA.

Folks enjoying the river . . . 


Jesse the Computer Guy painted the curb at his business.
[Submitted photos]

How much should he bill the borough for labor and materials?

Shouldn't all businesses put forth as much effort?

U.S. flags at a local church in a juxtaposition of church and state - 
There's a lot of that going on lately.

At the former Andy's Market location at 4th & Cherry

Tractors for sale at Tollbooth Antiques

It was a foggy Friday morning . . .

 A mallard and his bobber - 
Not sure if it was attached or not

Kayaks for rent

There's Tollbooth now.

A better look at the new lettering

Hint of a moon peeking through

The Clydesdales are coming!

Crops at the airfield - 
Still no drones, though.

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