Friday, May 6, 2022

Columbia Borough to hire full-time manager to market, operate Columbia Market House

When: Columbia Borough Council meeting, May 3.

What happened: Council members discussed hiring a full-time manager for Columbia's Market House who will aggressively promote the space as a venue for celebrations and business meetings in addition to a market stand.

Background: CHI St. Joseph's Health, which supplied part-time managers for the borough-owned Market House since it opened almost a year ago, notified Columbia last month that it wanted to pull out of the deal to focus on other projects.

Other problems: The venue never reached the foot traffic and sales council members originally estimated. Vendors sometimes would stay closed on Wednesdays and Saturdays when the market was open, and in November, managers closed the market on Wednesdays, leaving only one day a week for patrons.

Coming up: A new manager will start July 1. Council members should authorize staff to create a job listing at the next council meeting, Borough Manager Mark Stivers said.


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