Sunday, May 8, 2022

About Town - May 8, 2022

Recent photos of Columbia

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These bridge lights on the Veterans Memorial Bridge were installed in spring/summer of 2014 and dedicated in September 2014, as Columbia Spy reported HERE. That was also the first summer when massive numbers of mayflies collected on the bridge, particularly on the lights.

At the April 26, 2022 Columbia Borough Council meeting, however, Mayor Lutz implied that the lights weren't really the cause of the problem. Some officials have even floated the idea that the increase in mayflies indicates a healthy river. But the LNP article HERE published that same summer states that the Susquehanna should be declared "impaired."

Blossoms at the bridge plaza

Chiques Rock Outfitters at Columbia River Park

Darth Vader at Fragments of the Past - 
He's hard to see, because, you know, THE FORCE!

Barber shop at 3rd & Poplar

Banners at 9th & Ironville Pike

Flower basket
Happy Mothers Day!

They're just glorified chickens with an attitude.

They're in the area of Garfield Road.

Free tax prep services

200 block of Locust

Dave's gone (soon)

And Aument's down.

Sticker shock

Zoning permit that once meant something to someone.

One of several ferals in the 100 block of 
Avenue H

The borough is looking at ways to solve the problem, as Columbia Spy reported HERE.

Living Stones at Front & Locust

Tires in a Sanford & Son-like trailer

Trolley sighting - but it's not Columbia's. It's the Rivertowne Trolley, owned and operated by Andre Underhill. Columbia's trolley is up for bid on Municibid. The high bid, as of Sunday afternoon, is $17,401. The high bidder is currently d*********2. 
Hmmm, who could it be?

Up, up and away!


Give reptiles a chance.
(But watch out for those river turtles. They'll bite your fingers off.)

Avian flu testing on Heritage Drive...

A couple of hundred feet from Columbia River Park, where Canada geese and mallards hang. What could go wrong?

(Attendants were wearing protective booties and spraying vehicle tires.)

Some Canada geese in the window of Borough Hall.

Maryland State Police helicopter flying over
Why though?

Poplar St. School Center for the Arts

Formerly Poplar Street School

Here's the door number.

Products available at Rising Sun Nutrition, 
5th & Cherry
More details HERE

Contraption on the tracks

Luna moth
[Submitted photo]

Carriage at Tollbooth Antiques


He didn't.

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