Sunday, April 10, 2022

Council discusses trolley options - again

Article by Gayle Johnson, LNP

Council members will choose among three options to dispose of the borough’s unused trolley after at least two individuals or groups expressed interest in buying it. Columbia could accept sealed bids, hold an auction in person or let Municibid conduct an open online auction.

Most council members agreed they would like to see the trolley remain in Columbia but debated which sales method to use. Municibid, a Philadelphia-based online auction house for government equipment, charges a fee, similar to an eBay transaction. The borough already has a live auction scheduled in June to sell recovered bicycles, but that sale date delays immediate trolley use. The last alternative, sealed bids, may send the vehicle to neighboring states.

“I personally would like to see the trolley remain in Columbia,” council member Todd Burgard said.

Buyers: Chris Vera, who leads the Columbia Historic Preservation Society, has offered $12,500 for the vehicle, which will add seats to the society’s popular tours, such as its Albatwich event and Columbia Railroad Day. The Columbia Merchants Association previously asked to buy or lease the trolley for $1,500 to ferry residents and visitors to different shopping areas, such as The Market House.

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