Sunday, April 24, 2022

About Town - April 24, 2022

 Recent photos of Columbia

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You know it's truly spring when the artists start to bloom . . .
They appeared to be Susquehanna Valley Plein Air Painters.


Trees were planted last weekend around the Columbia Crossing building to replace the arborvitae that had outgrown their welcome and were removed last month.


Tulips at the Buddhist temple on South 2nd

O say does that star-spangled banner still wave?
(Whatever the case, it should be prevented from touching the ground - or sidewalk.)

Meanwhile, at the Kleen Acres Farm on Blue Lane . . .

Malachi the camel


When you're ready for your next crusade
(Seen at Jesse the Computer Guy's shop on North 4th)

New growth among the old

Ornament on an "obelisk" at the Veterans Memorial Bridge

Brunch was going fine . . .

. . . until someone just couldn't behave himself.

"Refresh Lancaster" brought showers for the homeless this week.
Details HERE

331 Cherry Street and another property will be discussed at this week's Zoning Hearing Board meeting.


This apparition . . .

. . . is really just one of several workers "dunging out" a property on South 5th.

Construction/renovation at Living Stones at Front & Locust is proceeding apace.

Living Stones recently received approval for these alterations:
"The existing interior will be completely renovated with the addition of a second floor on the remaining concrete masonry unit structure. With the addition of the second floor, a new deck will be constructed over the new front entrance. The exterior of the building will include stone that will be manufactured in house by Living Stones. The color will be a white ledgestone pattern with black trim to match the Coffee and Cream Café. The exterior of the building will include a light grey color, with black gutters and downspouts. The interior remodel will include all new drywall, insulation, carpet, bathroom tile and light fixtures." [HARB Agenda, March 9, 2022]

This week's haul at Columbia River Park

Middle School Campus

It's on the 200 block of Union Street.

Demolition of houses continues on South 5th. Lancaster County Habitat for Humanity will construct new single-family homeowner occupied units there, beginning spring 2023.


WGAL's Joe Calhoun reported on the weather from Columbia River Park on Friday afternoon.

Several trees were removed at the historic Wright's Ferry Mansion this week.


A shackles-bearing sheriff was in town about a week ago.

But the chains didn't seem to be needed for the arrestee.

The beauty of decay on Blue Lane

Even the horseshoe can't promise such good luck forever.

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