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About Town - April 17, 2022

Recent photos of Columbia  

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On Tuesday, members of the Reading Fire Department trained in water rescue procedures under the direction of Todd Stahl, president of WhiteCap Water Rescue Training LLC.


Devices such as this one have popped up around town and at the Veterans Memorial Bridge recently to gather traffic data, most likely in preparation for the upcoming bridge rehabilitation project.


Benton Webber (above) of the Lincoln Highway Association showed a replica of a Lincoln Highway marker post to council on Tuesday night. He said that there used to be 40 such markers in Lancaster County, but now only one remains - in Columbia. Webber requested and received permission to use several parking spaces near the marker on June 14 to allow citizens and members of the association to gather at the marker. 

This is the marker that Webber referred to. It's on the 300 block of Chestnut Street (Route 462) and is the only one remaining of 9 that had been in Columbia. It's the easternmost marker that still exists in all of Pennsylvania, according to Webber.

Line-up at the THE (Turkey Hill Experience)

Welcome signs at local towns -
An idea for Columbia?


In bloom at the DAC (District Administration Center)

Road work on North 3rd, near Chestnut, and an accident on Route 30 contributed to a small traffic backup along Route 462 on Tuesday afternoon.

To make matters worse, two trailers carrying modular home sections came through town along the same route at the same time. 


Blackhawk overhead

Always replace the cap when you're done.

The iron horse on Bridge Street has some new tenants.

Here are a few of them.

When a squirrel is tired out from chasing nuts in Columbia. Oh how many there are.

Open door policy?
This property at 239 South 5th is secured only with the plastic fence shown above.

Here's a look inside, as seen from the open door.

It's one of three properties on the block that are slated for demolition.

Open window policy at 132 Locust Street

Someone's not entirely getting the idea here.

Signs like this one aren't supposed to be posted at the bridge plaza. It's a place for recognition and remembrance of military veterans.

A town cryer

Coming at ya

Osprey on the hunt

Canada goose flying upriver

Possibly to this bridge pier

Squirrel stretching out

This toy car at River Park appears to have become community property.

A truck at SA Alloys with what is probably a pro-Ukrainian message

Firefighters gathered at Columbia River Park Monday evening to observe a demonstration of a porta tank, which enables a tanker truck to dump its water and make another trip for more water, when no other source is available.


A vibe on wheels
Their info is HERE.

Going incognito

Evening clouds

Eye of the sky

One for the road

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