Sunday, March 6, 2022

About Town - March 6, 2022

Recent photos of Columbia 

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Bootleg at night - Friday night, in fact


A couple of nighttime bridge shots


A couple of daytime flag shots


Canada geese in flight

A bluebird, possibly of happiness

In stalking mode

A sign of spring on the 400 block of Locust


You can line dance . . .

. . . or square dance.

In memory in the park


The downtown at night

Church windows at Columbia Presbyterian


Avoid the alleys at night

Back at the DAC


At "Fragments of the Past" on the 300 block of Walnut Street

Sheriffs in town
They didn't seem to know where they were going.

2 dogs and a cat

Harcon was testing their equipment on Friday.
According to their website:
"From a handful of employees providing access on a few dozen structures annually in the early 1990s, Harcon has grown to a dozen employees capable of providing equipment and bridge inspection support services on up to nine structures simultaneously. We’re servicing over 500 structures a year with spans numbering in the thousands."


The debris field is still there at the water company.

Seagulls seem to like it, though.

The Columbia that was

The Columbia that is

Sticker shock

The works

Branches of the military

Free moving truck

Boys' basketball on the way to victory

Downtown Sunday morning

No parking

Thanks for bagging the dog poop - 
but this isn't how you dispose of it.

Nor is this.

New doors coming to Kettle Works

Here's a closer look.

Something happening downtown

It's UGI workers.

This historic sign might be getting painted over and changed to "Flats at 315."
Yes, really.
According to the March 9, 2022 HARB agenda:
The project team is proposing to repaint the “Hotel Columbia” sign at the top portion of the west wall of the original 309 Locust Street building to read “Flats At 315”.
Go figure.

Locust and Market

Free scarf

2 houses were demoed and trees removed on the 400 block of Union Street to make room for parking at Saint Peter Apartments.


Majik progress

Soon to be a barber shop on the 400 block of Cherry

He looks pissed off but was actually quite friendly.

His services will be required on April 17.

New shop in town

Shiny shamrock

Hosing down the boat ramp

Digging it

Profile of John Houston Mifflin

On Friday, an accident on the Wrights Ferry Bridge (Route 30) caused a traffic backup in town for several hours.


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