Sunday, March 20, 2022

About Town - March 20, 2022

Recent photos of Columbia 

(Click/tap on photos to see larger, sharper images.)

A heavy fog overlaid the area on Friday morning...


And there was a lot of air traffic over the past week, for example, this C-130.

And this Navy E2 Hawkeye. This one was several miles out and hard to "draw in" on the camera.
According to this website, "The Hawkeye provides all-weather airborne early warning, airborne battle management and command and control functions for the Carrier Strike Group and Joint Force Commander." There's another photo of an E2 on Columbia Spy HERE.

Two military helicopters, probably Apaches, flew over the other day.

Here's a close-up of one of them.

This is a Coast Guard helicopter bearing the label "Atlantic City."

There were also lots of contrails ("jet trails") . . .


There was another vivid sunset Thursday evening . . .

There it goes.

In contemplation at River Park . . .


Like the sign says - LOOK - even up close and personal near a moving train

On bike patrol

Here are some bikes at Locust Street Park.

Here's a boat that thinks it's part bike.

It's for sale at Columbia River Park.

Christmas lights at Locust Street Park were taken down this week.


ECS was at the former McGinness property again this week.


Thirsty feline on North 3rd 

This water tower at 1249 Avenue V is slated for demolition. The issue will be discussed and most likely given final approval at the next Columbia Borough Council meeting on March 22, 2022.

This notice is posted in the window at the police station.

Chalk art after a light rain on the 900 block of Barber Street

Repairs at Northwest Bank

Jesse the Computer Guy shows his support for Ukraine, at his shop on North 4th Street.

The Monster Ride

Work continues at Riverview Terrace at the bottom of Locust

There's just one small problem . . .

The siding is popping out.

Oh well, at least the brick work is getting done.


Meanwhile, at the National Watch & Clock Museum . . .


Saturday afternoon's storm provided some dazzling atmospheric displays . . .


Birds of a feather flock together . . .

But some stand alone (at least for a while).

Pit stop

This property at 245 South 5th is one of three properties slated for demolition.

The others are 239 South 5th and 511 Avenue N. The demos will probably get final approval at the March 22, 2022 Columbia Borough Council meeting.

Last but not least a "decorated" stop sign at 10th & Barber

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