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About Town - March 13, 2022

Recent photos of Columbia 

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Looks like the moon's right on time.

Borough workers removed the arborvitae trees at Columbia Crossing on Thursday, some of which will be taken to the borough farm. According to borough documents, the trees were crowding and hiding the building and might be replaced with evergreen shrubs or native plants that tie in with Columbia history. In addition, a dedication ceremony is planned there for Clarissa Wolcott who bequeathed $45,000 to the Shade Tree Commission.


CHI St. Joseph Children's Health is pulling out of its agreement with Columbia Borough to manage the Columbia Market House, effective June 30, 2022. The announcement was posted on the Columbia Market House Facebook page on March 9, 2022. This action will leave a hole in funding for operation of the market. The original Professional Services Agreement between the Borough of Columbia and CHI St. Joseph Children's Health can be found HERE


A foggy morning at the former McGinness property, now owned by the borough

On Friday, more probing was underway. Columbia Borough plans to spend $1.2 million to remediate problems with the soil. That's in addition to the $1.5 million purchase price and about $200,000 in testing and legal fees. The borough is counting on grants and loans to pay for development, estimated at over $10.5 million.


Some people try to preserve the town's history, others trash it.

This plaque is located at South 5th Street and Avenue N. Stephen Smith was once the richest black man in the U.S., according to this article.

The Columbia Water Company replaced the broken hydrant at Plane and Manor on Monday.
It was out of operation for several months.


The water tower at Little's Beverage

A cleat that was broken out of Route 462 at 5th & Chestnut.
It was lying in the road and created a potential traffic hazard.

It was turned over to the proper authorities.

The history of Columbia River Park

Stove in the window of the municipal building

Mary's not looking too good at the Holy Trinity Cemetery.

This one on the 400 block of Cherry looks better.

Night lights at St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church


The library at night


Kraft Funeral Home

Amish at work at Riverview Terrace

They don't wear hard hats.

A rare Tom Jones sighting

A moose at the Moose

Construction at St. Peter Apartments. Two houses were demoed there recently.

Keeping a watchful eye or two

Signs down!

Bell on the 400 block of Chestnut

Foggy morning


Creeping ivy on the bridge

Striking a pose at Columbia River Park

And there's the ambulance.

Guys staring at a wall in the 300 block of Avenue H

Blocks for safety

Cargo plane banking

Lights on the 600 block of Locust

Hope remains.

Spring can't be far behind.


The latest at Majik

Saturday's weather left a few traces.

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