Monday, February 14, 2022

Deeds Recorded - Columbia Borough - February 14, 2022

The estate of Charles H. Benfer III and Judith A. Benfer conveyed 855 Wright St. to Renewed Concepts LLC for $130,000.

Colin B. Hall, Pearl L. Hall, Pearl Hall, Colin Hall Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office conveyed 1300 Locust St. to Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB and Nationstar Hecem Acquisition Trust 2020-1 for $2,365.

Integrity First Home Buyers LLC and Clyde E. Bostic conveyed 327 S. Third St. to James J. Han for $158,000.

Lauryn E. Fitch conveyed 925 Spruce St. to Briana N. Alston for $175,000.

Integrity First Home Buyers LLC conveyed 327 S. Third St. to James J. Han and Jae Yun Han for $158,000.

Luke A. Brandt conveyed 208 S. Fifth St. to Daniel S. Kline for $69,800.

Christopher L. Ginter conveyed property on a public road to Flawless Facade LLC for $525,000.

Jeffrey L. Dale and Carol R. Dale conveyed 639 Union St. to QP Invest Real Estate Group LLC for $130,000.

Gabriel Davila Acevedo, Gabriel Davila Acevedo, Mari Ivette Davila, Mari I. Reyes and Mari I. Davila conveyed 366 S. Third St. to Kaitlin G. Schaller for $123,000.

Joy L. Freeland conveyed 417 Union St. to Joy L. Freeland and Carlton Mahadeo for $1.

John R. Chamberlin and Corinne L. Orfanella conveyed 149 S. Fifth St. to Anthony Rodriguez for $157,000.

Enrique Bernard and Jannette Bernard conveyed 325 S. Third St. to Mary R. Peifer and Glenn A. Peifer for $140,000.

Kl Property Services Inc. conveyed property on South Fifth Street. to Victor Cepeda Nunez for $170,000.

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