Sunday, February 6, 2022

About Town - February 6, 2022

Recent photos of Columbia

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Fire in ice

Winter sunset

Fading light


There have been far too many photos taken of "the bridge," so here are a few more:


To keep your head warm down at the bus stop - or anywhere else

And to keep your dog warm down on Heritage Drive

The Canada geese have returned.

Broke down

Over at Mount Bethel

Why though?

Yep . . .

They might want to rethink it.

Amish on the road

Evening clouds

Through the window

Flags, flags . . .

Flags galore!

The Jersey barriers have been moved on the 300 block of Locust, allowing pedestrians to cross.

Our flag was still there.

To pay for all the big ticket projects, the police budget had to be cut. Here are the new cruisers.
(That's a joke, y'all.)

Divided town, divided sky

Into the night

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