Sunday, January 23, 2022

About Town - January 23, 2022

Recent photos of Columbia

(Click/tap on photos to see larger, sharper images.) 

Air Force cargo plane flying away . . .
It circled the town (and beyond) and appeared to be in a holding pattern.

20 minutes before the previous photo was taken, it looked like this, with landing gear deployed.

Riverview Terrace at Locust Street and Bank Avenue continues to take shape.

There's a lot of activity at the site on weekdays.

The finished building is supposed to look like this.

The roofline on the Bank Avenue side looks a bit caddy wampus, though.

And the view from some of the windows will be blocked by the adjacent house.

The Majik appliance store project is coming together.

It's at 921 Lancaster Avenue.

Here's a flyer.

Meanwhile, part of the 300 block of Avenue H is closed for the demolition of a historic building.

The railing in the 100 block of Avenue I is finally "fixed."
This is the railing that broke the back of HARB.

Here's a flowery skeleton hanging around.

And here's part of an antique game in a window on the 300 block of 3rd.

Intricate scroll work on the Hermansader mansion

Sometimes river ice looks like frozen waves.

Sometimes it looks like this.

And sometimes a reflection sneaks in between the ice.

Here's a sunset, with heavenly light above.

The river looks "like glass" here.

The sun hid behind the trees over in Wrightsville. That must be where it goes for the night.

One last look at sunsets. . .


Meanwhile, some of the locals are having a rooftop convention.

This cat is keeping a watchful eye.

New retaining wall at the fire company

Looking through the Plane Street tunnel and towards the river

Spiky balls in the park. Watch where you walk.

Also watch where you sit.

What happened?

Was it vandalism?

Or falling limbs?

Anyway, this mayfly is still hanging around.

This one, too.

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