Sunday, January 16, 2022

About Town - January 16, 2022

Recent photos of Columbia

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The frost is still on the pumpkins - or the gourds, as the case may be.

This worker appears to be using The Force to levitate wet cement out of the hopper.

He was working at the Majik appliance store project at 921 Lancaster Avenue.

The project is proceeding smoothly.

Speaking of projects that are going well, here's the one at Locust Street and Bank Avenue.

Looks like the building will be called Riverview Terrace.

The 33-unit apartment building might be enough to fulfill all of Columbia's rental needs.

Just a note on the construction process, however: If something doesn't go into place, just hit it with a sledgehammer.

The building seems to be constructed largely of wood. 
Let's hope the sprinkler system is functional.


If this sign is any indication, the water company's water intake project might never be completed. The mighty Susquehanna destroyed the initial stages last September, as Columbia Spy reported HERE

One way in two parts

COVID testing was available at Wagon Werks this past week.

Mystery sign on 441

Yes, there's ice on the river . . . 


Meanwhile, out behind the Hambones.

Another project is underway.

What is it? Call out the arborist! 
Inquiring minds want to know.

Walnut Street poodle all decked out

What's going on at the former McGinness airfield?

Looks like more probing.

But what are they probing for?

All taxpaying citizens of Columbia should read Phase II of the 2017 Rettew report HERE.
It's an eye-opener.


Big plane flying low

Borough workers spread brine on roads in advance of the upcoming snowstorm.

This contractor had a salt spreader ready.

They'll do it every time.

These recycle bins are for clothing and shoes, but some people use them as a place to dump their trash.

The red paint vandalism mystery on Chestnut Street might eventually be solved, thanks to investigators, hunters, and all that jazz.

Ghostly remnants hanging around near the Turkey Hill Experience.

During the snowstorm, it might be wise just to stay indoors and pray it doesn't get too bad.

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