Monday, January 17, 2022

Crochet along with Kasey - Tuesday, January 18 at the library


Teresita Dennison conveyed 560 Union St. to Robert L. Dennison for $175,000.

Keith Edwin Interiors Inc. and Edwin Keith Interiors Inc. conveyed 131 N. Third St. to Philip C. Vittetoe for $285,000.

Renewed Concepts LLC, Wayne Nauman, Wayne C. Nauman, Patrick Reardon, Patrick B. Reardon, JP Real Estate Development LLC and Joseph A. Dougher conveyed property on North Second Street to Jesus Emmanuel Jusino Perez, Jesus Emmanuel Jusino Perez and Gregoria Perez Nieves for $215,000.

KDR Limited Liability Co., KDR LLC, Kyle R. Williams and Kyle Williams conveyed 536 N. Third St. to Seibel Properties LLC for $235,000.

Christopher L. Culp and Rachel N. Culp conveyed 103 S. Eighth St. to Vincent J. Richardson and Amanda M. Richardson for $189,900.

Mark E. Rutter conveyed 726 Chestnut St. to Jennifer L. Fischer for $190,000.

Jay E. Juarbe and Roberto E. Juarbe conveyed 125 S. Third St. to Daniel Kline for $116,000.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

About Town - January 16, 2022

Recent photos of Columbia

(Click/tap on photos to see larger, sharper images.) 

The frost is still on the pumpkins - or the gourds, as the case may be.

This worker appears to be using The Force to levitate wet cement out of the hopper.

He was working at the Majik appliance store project at 921 Lancaster Avenue.

The project is proceeding smoothly.

Speaking of projects that are going well, here's the one at Locust Street and Bank Avenue.

Looks like the building will be called Riverview Terrace.

The 33-unit apartment building might be enough to fulfill all of Columbia's rental needs.

Just a note on the construction process, however: If something doesn't go into place, just hit it with a sledgehammer.

The building seems to be constructed largely of wood. 
Let's hope the sprinkler system is functional.


If this sign is any indication, the water company's water intake project might never be completed. The mighty Susquehanna destroyed the initial stages last September, as Columbia Spy reported HERE

One way in two parts

COVID testing was available at Wagon Werks this past week.

Mystery sign on 441

Yes, there's ice on the river . . . 


Meanwhile, out behind the Hambones.

Another project is underway.

What is it? Call out the arborist! 
Inquiring minds want to know.

Walnut Street poodle all decked out

What's going on at the former McGinness airfield?

Looks like more probing.

But what are they probing for?

All taxpaying citizens of Columbia should read Phase II of the 2017 Rettew report HERE.
It's an eye-opener.


Big plane flying low

Borough workers spread brine on roads in advance of the upcoming snowstorm.

This contractor had a salt spreader ready.

They'll do it every time.

These recycle bins are for clothing and shoes, but some people use them as a place to dump their trash.

The red paint vandalism mystery on Chestnut Street might eventually be solved, thanks to investigators, hunters, and all that jazz.

Ghostly remnants hanging around near the Turkey Hill Experience.

During the snowstorm, it might be wise just to stay indoors and pray it doesn't get too bad.

Saturday, January 15, 2022

[LNP | LancasterOnline] Columbia girls crank up high-octane attack, roll over Lancaster Country Day to remain undefeated

[LNP | LancasterOnline] $327 million from infrastructure bill could help Lancaster County's 135 'poor' bridges


Some of Lancaster County's 1,026 bridges may be repaired or replaced sooner than expected as Pennsylvania learned Friday it will receive an additional $327 million this year for a federal bridge improvement plan.

The program comes from the Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act passed by Congress and enacted by President Joe Biden last year, often referred to as the infrastructure bill.

Over five years, the commonwealth will receive $1.6 billion in federal funding for the bridge program.

Columbia speeds past Mennonite, improves to 11-0

Columbia zooms to 10-0 after sailing past Harrisburg Christian



Navient To Cancel $67M In Pennsylvanians’ Student Debt – CBS Pittsburgh

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Lanco Smokes opens tobacco shop, lounge in Columbia

A new cigar lounge and smoke shop has opened near the Columbia Market House.

Located at 20 S. Third St. in Columbia, Lanco Smokes sells cigarettes, chewing tobacco, electronic cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco and cigars. It has a walk-in humidor, which has a variety of cigars, including premium varieties. In addition, the roughly 1,900-square-foot store has customer lounge areas in the front and back.


Tuesday, January 11, 2022

MLK Day Pop-Up Health Clinic - Monday, January 17th



Columbia Investment Partners LP and Columbia Investment Partners Corp conveyed property on Locust St. to Mount Joy Holdings LP for $250,000.

Columbia Investment Partners LP and Columbia Investment Partners Corp conveyed property on a public road to Mount Joy Holdings LP for $800,000.

Nicholas J. Meley, Christine M. Gerfin, Christine M. Meley and Christine M. Miley conveyed 338 Perry St. to Valley View Capital LLC for $72,000.

Michael W. Halter and Shirley A. Halter conveyed 141 North Seventh St. to Steven D. Good for $178,590.

Claudia J. Leschke conveyed 845 Barber St. to Steven Stoutzenberger for $70,000.

Hanover Shoe Properties LLC and E. Wayne Stoltzfus conveyed 222 Perry St. to Melvin S. Beiler for $105,000.

WGMC Properties LLC and Walter L. Siderio conveyed 838 Houston St. to Caitlin Michelle Perry for $170,000.

J. Michael Seibert conveyed 552 Chestnut St. to George A. Leschke Jr. for $430,000.

Josetta M. Murphy, William B. Reisinger and William B. Reisinger Jr. conveyed property on Central Avenue to Josetta M. Murphy and Dennis J. Murphy for $1.

Columbia boys stay undefeated in comeback nonleague win as Crimson Tide senior Kerry Glover hits 1K

Both father and son Kerry Glovers - they have different middle names - agreed that Susquehanna Township (3-6) was the first team they've faced all season that could match the Tide in terms of running the floor. ST also sat in a 2-3 zone all night.

Still, Monday was a good test for an unbeaten Columbia bunch with high aspirations.

"I tell my guys all the time I'll take games like this over 25- or 30-point wins," coach Glover said. "You need to learn something. We got tougher. We got better."


Columbia Borough Council agrees to stop routine private meetings amid transparency complaints

Council members verbally agreed to eliminate controversial private information sessions before each of council's two monthly voting meetings.

More info: Members previously met for 30-minute sessions behind the closed doors of Borough Manager Mark Stivers's office, an agreement reached during the reorganization meeting in 2020. Previously, council met for 60-minute private sessions. Those meetings drew complaints about Sunshine Law violations. Council members may not discuss any voting matter or any subject that will be discussed at a public meeting.

Agenda - Columbia Borough Council Meeting - January 11, 2022


Download the meeting packet HERE.

Monday, January 10, 2022

This week at the Columbia Public Library



• When: Council meeting, Dec. 28.

• What happened: The borough seems to have misplaced $10,643 from 2020, according to results from that year’s financial audit. Neither the CPA firm that conducted the review nor the borough manager or council president suggested any wrongdoing had taken place.

• Quotable: “The likelihood that that money disappeared is slim to none,” council President Heather Zink said during the meeting. “It is most likely due to checks that were not completely entered.”

• Searching: “We looked for over a month,” said Michael L.

Reiner, audit and tax partner with Sager, Swisher and Co., which conducted the audit. He said the way the discrepancy was entered financially showed that no one tried to hide missing money. In addition, another audit would cost more than the missing funds, he said. Borough Manager Mark Stivers also said he believes Columbia somehow spent those funds.

“It’s here,” he said about the money during a phone call after the meeting. “It would just take a whole lot of time to find.”

• Background: Kyle Watts, Columbia’s former finance manager, resigned in January 2021, following accountant Quetsy Perez-Yates’ departure that December. The borough then hired a temporary accountant and began training her to permanently take over finance manager duties with a consultant’s help.

The temporary accountant, however, quit in March.

Columbia filled the position in June.

• More info: The audit, delayed because of COVID-19 and staff turnover, originally uncovered $62,567 in unaccounted funds. Auditors then found a cashed check for $51,924 to a contractor that the borough mistakenly marked as voided. The contractor ultimately applied those funds to the next invoice, so the loss was offset.

• Getting certified: Council members voted to allow Stivers to apply to the state’s Historic Preservation Office for designation as a Certified Local Government. This move would allow Columbia to ask for more grant money and technical assistance to maintain historic preservation. To qualify, the borough needed a historic district and had to ensure that its Historic Architectural Review Board included a certified architect, someone in building inspections and a licensed real estate agent.

Quotable: “We’re taking our historic district to the next step,” he said during a phone call after the meeting. “We want to get people to invest in the district.”

• What’s next: Council will meet at 7 p.m. Jan. 11, and the meeting will be streamed on the borough’s Facebook page.

— Gayle Johnson, For LNP | LancasterOnline

Sunday, January 9, 2022

About Town - January 9, 2022

Recent photos of Columbia

 (Click/tap on photos to see larger, sharper images.)

Sunset as seen through Tollbooth windows

Cleaning up for the journey

He's in the driver's seat.

One is not like the others.

Graffiti gallery

Maybe the lights can be salvaged.

New steps on Walnut Street

Sunset, complete with contrails

Friday morning

One is still not like the others.

Glatfelter gate

Shadows in the snow

Up on the sidewalk at Prospect Road Turkey Hill

Does that mean NO "NO TRESPASSING"?

Flags aflutter atop Bootleg Antiques

The COLA building

MEDEVAC flying over

White hats in Avenue H

Green hats on Rotary Avenue

Some folks don't shovel their sidewalks like they're supposed to.

That's at the post office, by the way.

There's a COVID testing center at 7th & Maple.

Animal transport

Lots of air traffic despite COVID

Heading off into the sunset

Sometimes even the contrails have shadows.

Winter snowflake

Another dazzling winter sunset

A sliver of the moon

Night flight

Soon to be a Majik appliance store at 921 Lancaster Avenue