Monday, January 31, 2022

Agenda - Columbia Borough Council Work Session - February 2022



Perfect Realty LLC and Samson Bergman conveyed 132 S. Fourth St. to Route 322 Keystone Courts Mobile Home Park LLC for $85,000.

Ryan Joseph Mercado conveyed 125 N. Sixth St. to Elizabeth Hernandez for $205,000.

Gregory M. Reisinger, Kathleen A. Reisinger and Gregory Reisinger conveyed property on a public road to Carlee D. Reed and Chase M. Overmiller for $169,900.

Michael R. Young conveyed 301 Chestnut St. to Riehl Investments LLC for $180,000.

Columbia Public Library Calendar of Events - February 2022


Sunday, January 30, 2022

About Town - January 30, 2022

Recent photos of Columbia

(Click/tap on photos to see larger, sharper images.) 

Snow falling on the old bridge

Star bolts, like this one, help stabilize brick walls on old buildings.

Looks like someone or something skimmed across the river ice.

Early morning roof work

One of two Warthogs that flew over the other day

Sign work at the American Legion

And here's the finished product.

At the Majik store project

[Submitted photo]

"Historic" plastic swan about to be wrecked and demo-ed?

Still out of order at Plane & Manor

Hawk looking for supper

We got just a dusting this week . . .


Meanwhile in York County . . .

Hell in a Bucket

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Old Chevy climbing the hill

Anyone up for some politics with your religion?
Maybe plan an insurrection or two . . .


• When: Council meeting, Jan. 25.

• What happened: A deal with JG Environmental of Lancaster to lease and then purchase Columbia’s unused wastewater treatment plant seems to have run into a problem after Lancaster Area Sewer Authority (LASA) raised a one-time tapping fee from $10 per gallon to $16.50 per gallon that applies to new customers.

• The motion: Council voted to table a motion to return to JG about $94,000 of that increase that the borough would collect. The borough, which sold its sewer pipes to LASA in 2015, receives a percentage of all tapping fees until 2025. The extra $94,000 from this deal was not included in the borough’s budget but would count as revenue.

• The issue: The added expense may force JG to abandon its deal with Columbia. JG President James Guerin then said he won’t speculate on the company’s decision.

• Quotable: “Right now, we’re still in the middle of it,” Guerin said during a phone call several days after the meeting. “We are working through it. I don’t want to show my hand.”

• Coming up: Council members say they want a chance to study the matter and will address it at a later meeting. “It’s unfair for the board to swallow all of that,” council member Todd Burgard said during the meeting, adding that he would consider negotiating with PGE and LASA. Sharon Lintner, also a council member, said members may have been surprised by the motion. “We need more time to study this and digest this,” she said during a phone call after the meeting.

— Gayle Johnson, For LNP | LancasterOnline

In a March preview, Columbia boys take first loss vs. Executive Education

Paying the price for no vaccination [letter]

Friday, January 28, 2022

Lancaster County restaurant inspections Jan. 28

Turkey Hill No. 305, 301 Linden St., Unit 7, Columbia, Jan. 18. Pass. Hand sanitizer stored next to clean food equipment in the food preparation area. Single-service, single-use articles (cups) stored in the hallway near the walk-in cooler, directly on the floor, and not six inches above the floor. 

A complete guide and amendment tracker for proposed changes to Pennsylvania’s Constitution

Read this from Spotlight PA

A complete guide and amendment tracker for proposed changes to Pennsylvania's Constitution
Since January 2021, Pennsylvania legislators have proposed more than 70 changes to the constitution, some of which could radically reshape how parts of state government work. 


The state Department of Human Services began accepting applications for the Low-Income Household Water Assistance Program on Jan. 4. Pennsylvania received $43.2 million to help low-income families with overdue water bills, who had their service terminated, or who have been notified their water service will be terminated in the next 60 days.

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Railroad display to be held at National Watch & Clock Museum

The Lower Susquehanna Valley Railroad will be at the National Watch & Clock Museum February 5 through March 5. Viewing the train in the lobby is free.

Museum hours: Wednesday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Monday, January 24, 2022


Abide Co. LLC and Jordan Hostetter conveyed 152 N. Seventh St. to Marlena Therese Wagner for $209,900.

Michael R. Whalen, Stacy A. Whalen and Stacy Whalen conveyed property on a public road to Premier Home Solutions LLC for $200,000.

Daniel Colon Osorio, Daniel Colon Osorio and Christine Suitor conveyed property on Walnut Street to Jayson Watson for $194,000.

The estate of Mary Lou Reitzel conveyed property on Maple Street to John D. Reitzel and Wendy Reitzel for $160,000.

The estate of Kay Gordon, the estate of Kay Lynn Gordon, Zachary Gordon and Emily Gordon conveyed 408 Poplar St. to First Choice Home Buyers LLC for $140,000.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Joining a rare club: Columbia's Emily Gambler poised to earn 6 varsity letters this school year

It certainly isn't uncommon for a prep student-athlete to earn three varsity letters in a single school year.

Four isn't unheard of, with some athletes crossing over, like in soccer and football, for instance. Five? That's pulling some serious double-duty. Six? Now that's some uncharted territory, and it takes a special kind of student-athlete to pull that one off.

Say hello to Columbia junior Emily Gambler. She's on pace to earn — wait for it — six varsity letters this school year, as the Crimson Tide's busy body crosses over in two events in the fall, winter and spring.


Columbia girls keep pedal to the metal, knock off river-rival Eastern York to remain undefeated

It was billed as the Battle of the Bridge.

Saturday night, Columbia won the battle and defended its home turf.

Brie Droege scored a game-high 25 points, twin sister Brooke Droege added 15 points, including a pair of back-breaking fourth-quarter buckets, Morgan Bigler and Emily Gambler combined to own the glass, and the host Crimson Tide played a spirited second half for an electric 47-39 river-rivalry nonleague showdown victory against Eastern York.


About Town - January 23, 2022

Recent photos of Columbia

(Click/tap on photos to see larger, sharper images.) 

Air Force cargo plane flying away . . .
It circled the town (and beyond) and appeared to be in a holding pattern.

20 minutes before the previous photo was taken, it looked like this, with landing gear deployed.

Riverview Terrace at Locust Street and Bank Avenue continues to take shape.

There's a lot of activity at the site on weekdays.

The finished building is supposed to look like this.

The roofline on the Bank Avenue side looks a bit caddy wampus, though.

And the view from some of the windows will be blocked by the adjacent house.

The Majik appliance store project is coming together.

It's at 921 Lancaster Avenue.

Here's a flyer.

Meanwhile, part of the 300 block of Avenue H is closed for the demolition of a historic building.

The railing in the 100 block of Avenue I is finally "fixed."
This is the railing that broke the back of HARB.

Here's a flowery skeleton hanging around.

And here's part of an antique game in a window on the 300 block of 3rd.

Intricate scroll work on the Hermansader mansion

Sometimes river ice looks like frozen waves.

Sometimes it looks like this.

And sometimes a reflection sneaks in between the ice.

Here's a sunset, with heavenly light above.

The river looks "like glass" here.

The sun hid behind the trees over in Wrightsville. That must be where it goes for the night.

One last look at sunsets. . .


Meanwhile, some of the locals are having a rooftop convention.

This cat is keeping a watchful eye.

New retaining wall at the fire company

Looking through the Plane Street tunnel and towards the river

Spiky balls in the park. Watch where you walk.

Also watch where you sit.

What happened?

Was it vandalism?

Or falling limbs?

Anyway, this mayfly is still hanging around.

This one, too.