Sunday, December 26, 2021

Photos of Columbia from the past week

Recent photos of Columbia

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The holiday is almost over - but not just yet.

Christmas lights at 4th & Chestnut

Night light, old school

The crypt of Charles W. Knipe and his wife at Laurel Hill Cemetery. Knipe oversaw the creation of the base for "The Returned Soldier" memorial in Locust Street Park.

Continued progress at Locust and Bank Avenue.

The peaked roof in the back section differs from the original plans.


Someone broke the windows of the train near Florence and Mill.

Firefighters couldn't get water from this hydrant at Plane and Manor during this week's fire on Manor Street, according to scanner chatter.

Columbia and beyond on a foggy morning, as seen from Laurel Hill.

Some folks partied hardy over the holiday.

Looks like not all flights were canceled.

Half-lit bridge

Looking upriver

Looking across the river

Bridge lights

Down at Floyd's

More bridge lights

Sunday morning at Tollbooth Antiques

Weather vane

There's also one at the Watch & Clock Museum.

Seen in Avenue F

The DAC 

Bags holding cold weather wear at Washington Boro Park

Also in Washington Boro - 
Apparently, there was no room at the inn.

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