Monday, December 20, 2021

Jesse the Computer Guy has Christmas deals - and not just computers

Jesse the Computer Guy is selling this antique tea set, as well as a variety of other items.

Jesse the Computer Guy has Christmas deals for last-minute shoppers, and not just computers (but he has those, too). Items include Smurf glasses, an antique tea set, an actual navy bell, a hutch, even a wooden sculpture that once stood at Columbia's State Theater, as well as many other items.

The tea set shown above was made in occupied Japan.

Also for sale: Christmas tree ornaments

For sale: a complete set of silverware

Smurf glasses are available for collectors and others.

This hutch is for sale.

So is this navy bell.

Here's a look inside.

This sculpture once stood at Columbia's State Theater.

A multitude of ceramic figurines are available for purchase.

And last but not least, Jesse also has $100 "All-in-Ones" - refurbished, full-featured computers with Windows 10 or 11 already installed. Each unit comes with a 2-month warranty. There are currently 14 units for sale.

All items shown above are on display and available for purchase at Columbia Discount Computers, 23 N 4th St, Columbia. Store hours are 11 am - 5 pm, open Christmas Eve, with flexible appointments available. Phone: 717-681-6598

Items can also be found at Aunt Audrey's Antiques and Collectables on Facebook.

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