Monday, November 1, 2021


Leo Lutz, perhaps the most divisive mayor in Columbia's history has really stepped in it this time and has sunk so deep into the septic tank that he might never get out. Lutz recently had published in Lancaster Newspapers a hatchet-job attack letter criticizing Columbia School Board Directors, administrators, teachers, and staff. In doing so, he has ripped this town wide open worse than it has ever been. And now, to add insult to injury, council president Heather Zink has followed him in.

Similar to her mentor Lutz, Zink has posted a similar letter on Facebook attacking the school district. And like Lutz's letter, this one is full of cherry-picked, out-of-context allegations. But perhaps the most damning part is that the letter is unattributed. That's right, no one signed it. Zink probably didn't write it, but she knows who did and she isn't telling. The most she'll say is that it was sent to her by Robin Gamby and was written by "a group of people that have really looking at what is happening" [sic]. Whether or not they're "looking," the writers are cowardly for not backing their statements with their names, and Zink, as a public official, is irresponsible for reposting it. An unsigned letter is a letter that should be dismissed.

Lutz most likely had a hand in this second letter, because he's still burning about the board's dismissal of his personal friend Tom Strickler, Columbia's former school superintendent. And in Lutz's eyes, even tearing the town apart is worth it to settle an old score.

Recently, Zink threatened to discontinue council meeting livestreams, because she thinks citizen comments hurt the town's image, but what she and Lutz have done has trashed Columbia's image beyond repair and ripped the town apart.

Lutz and Zink need to get their own houses in order, that is, handling borough operations instead of bashing the school district. If they are so dissatisfied with how the district is run, then they should have vacated their respective positions and run for seats on the board. They've complained publicly but have not offered any remedies or solutions to their complaints. There is an old adage that says, "Columbians love their town but hate each other." That has never been more evident than now with the statements from Lutz and Zink.

Joe Lintner
Columbia Spy

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