Sunday, November 14, 2021

Here are some recent photos of persons, places, and things around Columbia . . .

 (Click/tap on photos to see larger, sharper images.)

Electric Flag on North Second Street
(NOTE: "Electric Flag" was originally a band led by guitarist Mike Bloomfield, from whom Eric Clapton stole with impunity.)

The moon via cellphone

So this is just going to stay like this?
It was part of a water intake project for the Columbia Water Company, but it was demolished by the mighty Susquehanna, as explained HERE.
(Bonus point if you spot the heron)

Illuminated sign
(But only at a certain time on certain days at a certain time of year)

Yes, fall has fallen.

The bridge rehabilitation project can't get started soon enough.
Chunks of concrete are falling.

Here are some of the chunks.

Crumbling infrastructure . . .
Hopefully, some of the dollars from the infrastructure bill will be coming our way.  Those ol' socialist Democrats (and a few Republicans) voted to pass the bill.

Here's what's left of a Columbia taxpayer and his friend.

Here's his friend.

Great pumpkin

More evidence of fall

More progress at the Eberly Myers project at Locust Street and Bank Avenue

But what's going on here?


Christmas is coming at Bootleg.

A "hi" from on high

Going, going, soon to be gone . . . 

That grand, old sycamore is being removed.

It's at the former Union Community Bank on Lancaster Avenue, and is being cut down to make way for a Majik appliance store.

That's the price of progress.
Expect more progress this coming week.

Looking every which way

It's line painting time again.

Musicians at 4th & Locust making joyous noise, as they do every Thursday morning


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Great pictures

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No more skeletons!!
where is Norm Meisky

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