Sunday, October 24, 2021

Weekend Wrap-Up - October 24, 2021

Recent photos of Columbia

(Click/tap on photos to see larger, sharper images.) 

Hail to the red, white, blue, black, and green.

And to continue with the patriotic theme, here are amber waves of...something, at the former McGinness airport that Columbia Borough purchased recently. Evidently, this will be the last year for crops if the big-spending Republicans on council have their way. There's going to be spending on infrastructure: roads, sewer and water lines, electrical lines, and so on.

Here are some measurements being taken at the Von Hess building on Bank Avenue . . .

Still more work at the District Administration Center project

This job seems to be taking a while. Oh well, up, up, and away!

Should this driver have plugged two meters?

Not specific enough 

The canoe folks were back again this week. Last week, they took local students on a river journey.

What's this - a firewalker?

No, that's just how you seal a patch, right?

New solar panels and an extra camera at the Bank Avenue parking lot

The former Union Community Bank at 921 Lancaster Avenue is going to be demolished soon to make way for a Majik Appliance store. The issue will be discussed at this Tuesday's Columbia Borough Council meeting. It's Item 11.d. on the agenda: "Consider demolition application for Jerome Lee Properties and Majik Appliance rental store located at 921 Lancaster Avenue."


The Eberly Myers apartment building project is still going strong.

You could say, it's really going onward and upward.

Here's a gathering of musicians at Columbia Presbyterian - 
Looks like Bob Noble on guitar.

Halloween is just around the corner - up on the 600 block of Walnut, in fact.

Sign down! 
No matter, the mighty Susquehanna demolished that project a few months ago.

Raindrops and red lights

One of them is home to this wasp nest.

Blue lane. 
If the big-spending Republicans on council get their way, the borough sheds will be moved to the borough farm farther up this road. Borough vehicles will then need to negotiate this narrow road (even in the winter), which looks a bit like something out of Sleepy Hollow.

Here are a few photos of the mechanism in the clock tower at the Watch & Clock Museum 
(5th & Poplar)

And last but not least - autumn clouds

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