Sunday, September 26, 2021

Weekend Wrap-Up - Sunday, September 26, 2021

Recent photos of Columbia 

Todd Stahl, president and lead instructor of Whitecap Water Rescue Training LLC, led a training session with the Reading Fire Department at Columbia River Park on Friday morning.
(See more photos of the session at the end of this post.)

Here's the statue of Hope at Mount Bethel Cemetery on a foggy morning.

Lanternflies are everywhere, even on this angel's head.

Here's a bird keeping an eye on a lanternfly sitting below it.

Cross in the morning

Here's an overhead rainbow (also called a parhelion). If you look closely, you can see a jet within it.

Two intrepid boaters headed out.

But one started hanging off the back.

Riding a wheelie on the bridge

Love in a pizza shop


Burgers for everyone!

School buses in the CHS lot

FedEx again

Ready for Halloween

Searching for what was lost

Wishful thinking

Here are several photos of the work being done at the bottom of Locust.
An apartment building is being built.
(At least one construction project is getting off the ground.)


And along Front Street, the ongoing pipeline project (here and below).


The river was high again this week after even more heavy rains.

Roll Tide!

It's foggy downtown. It's never clear what's going on down there.

After the celebration.

Here are photos of the training session at River Park on Friday:

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