Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Columbia's plans for McGinness Airport property face possible delay, council told

Borough Council may have to delay developing the McGinness Airport property site as a light-industrial business park after a Columbia resident told Sharon Lintner, council vice president, that he hid in the woods and witnessed men burying barrels in the ground many years ago.

"This is the first I'm hearing about it," Borough Manager Mark Stivers said after Lintner brought up the matter.

Next steps: Consultants charged with completing ecological studies on the 57-acre property now will return and search for the barrels, which were not noted on any previous studies, council President Heather Zink said after the meeting. Meanwhile, some work already has begun. Crews have begun pulling weeds and clearing some of the ground cover, Zink said.

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Unknown said...

I really stay out of politics..but in my life time I think at least in the last 30 years give or take.. Finally If I am reading this right someone is going to make the old airport into a light Industrial Park..duh which means Jobs? Far better then just building houses and Apartments..Now why does anyone want to hold that up.. Makes no dam sense. What just like the Cycle Den. The man wanted to display all his old motorcycles in a museum ..which as a rider no doubt in my mind would of brought alot of visitors to Columbia to spend there money there and other places in Columbia via restaurants ..gas. Smith's and the list goes on..but no..and like one of our biggest places..kleen rite..but no wouldn't let them expand so bam moved to MT Joy.. Who really cares about if any metal drums. Obviously must of never rode dirt bikes back at the Quarry..just stop trying to stop a good thing like expand Columbia with Jobs and tax revenue...smh never will understand. And this comment is not directed at anyone it's just my thoughts.. Thank you