Sunday, August 8, 2021

Weekend Wrap-Up - Recent photos of Columbia

Recent photos of Columbia

(Click/tap on photos to see larger, sharper images.) 

Conejohela Flats Duck Decoy Contest participants gathered at Columbia River Park on Saturday.

Clock at the former Visitors Center - Stay tuned for updates on this.

This small plaque is posted on the base of the clock stand.

Engine and engineer

Houseboat floating by

Park Rangers cleaning up Chickies Hill

Up in the wild blue, yonder

Cracking, cracking . . . 

Cracking up

More painting at the DAC

Neighborhood cat striking a pose

Looking regal

Evidence of homelessness? (Bank Avenue)

Old school transport on Linden Street
(Satellite dish not included)

ADA in need of repair at the Turkey Hill Experience

Ah, Columbia!

Here's more of Saturday's Conejohela Flats Duck Decoy Contest:


Unknown said...

Please clarify your abbreviations. What is DAC? and what is ADA (at the Turkey Hill Experience)? Thanks.

Joe Lintner said...

The DAC is the District Administration Center for the school district. ADA is Americans with Disabilities Act. The photo shows an ADA curb ramp for wheelchair access, commonly shortened to just "ADA."