Thursday, July 22, 2021

Some recent photos of scenic Columbia

At CVS . . .
The weeds are as high as an elephant's eye -
a baby elephant's anyway. 
"Welcome to the Jungle"

Speaking of jungles, here's the Eberly Myers property at the bottom of Locust Street.
The plan was for a 33-unit apartment building to be constructed here.
That was back in 2017.
Part of the backstory is on Columbia Spy HERE.

Here's what it looks like along Bank Avenue.
According to borough ordinance, uncontrolled weeds are considered a public nuisance.

Yeah, but who cares for Columbia?

Touching up above Level Up

Allegiant Airlines flying low

A week ago

At 2nd & Walnut . . .
Borough officials might want to consider all aspects of the highly touted Walnut Street plan, 
like what to do about vehicles like this.

The housing market's on fire. Here's a house for free!

Hasn't been here for years, but the sign remains.

Lookin' good at the Mifflin House on Walnut

There's that navy surveillance plane again.

There's one every week.

Here's a surveyor - surveying, of course.

He was at Columbia River Park today.

200 block of Avenue H

Giant rooster on Locust . . .
It's at Kelman & Swartz, which Columbia Spy reported on HERE
when the business was at its previous location.

There's a detective sneaking around town.

By the way, Wells Fargo's for sale 
(the building, that is).

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