Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Wednesday the 16th in Scenic Columbia

Some photos from around Columbia . . . 

(Click/tap on photos to see larger, sharper images.)

Shown above is one of three volunteers participating in the 13th Annual PA Hero Walk who walked down Chestnut Street today on their way to the Veterans Memorial Bridge and points beyond. 

Starting on Sunday, June 12, 2021, the PA Hero Walk team of all volunteers began their 13th Statewide Walk, beginning at the Philadelphia Art Museum and ending 14 days and 320 miles later northeast of Pittsburgh. (Source: PA Hero Walk website)


Road construction continues around town . . .

7th Street, between Chestnut and Walnut, was being milled this morning.

Crews were also working on the 700 and 800 blocks of Walnut Street.

Crews were also at work on the 800 block of Locust Street.

The street was then milled.

And finally - the 800 block of Locust, ready for paving

Another look at 7th Street

And a close-up


Bridge inspector giving a "thumbs up" down at the bridge

Fox 43 visited River Park this morning.

Here's where to get more information on Harcon machines.

This is a vehicle with a trailer, so it's legally parked in the middle of the River Park parking lot.

Are we under consideration for the title of WEED CITY USA?

A giant, mutant mayfly is currently in captivity under glass at Borough Hall.

Kelman & Swartz is about to open its door(s) at its new location at 305 Locust Street.
Columbia Spy previously reported on the business HERE.

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