Monday, May 31, 2021

Some recent photos from around Columbia

Remember the price paid.

Happy Memorial Day!

A group from F3nation walked 10 miles Monday morning (May 31).
According to their website:
"F3 is a national network including 2,664 free, peer-led workouts for men in 177 regions. Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership."

Here they come.

And there they go.

Here's their info.

At the Holy Trinity Cemetery

Art in the Gardens coming 2nd Saturday in June

Now hiring a truck driver . . .

. . . at Winter Equipment Corporation

Let's hope he (or she) is better than the ones who drove their trucks over the curb at 5th & Chestnut.

A cryptic message at Florence & Barber

Here's the other side.

And here's the bridge. This bridge was under construction within recent memory.
How long are bridges supposed to last?

The goslings are growing.

One of many coal cars rolling through recently.
Trump liked "clean coal." 😆

When you absolutely, positively want to go by yourself.

Out at the Hambones

A bird perching on an eyelet on a bridge pier

Hangin' down at the tracks

They're making pickups stronger these days.

Looking lush along Shawnee Run

The creek is narrowing, the result of a recent stream restoration project there.

There's that awful thing again.

Takin' it slow

Self-propelled only

Out on the river

Another look at the ol' 611 rolling through

Mourning dove, late morning

Crying for help, which we'll all be doing when taxes go up again

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